Saturday, September 6, 2008

Its another Scoops Weekend! heres a step by step.

This is how I usually do my comic pages: thumbnail, sketch, resketch with tablet, ink and color. I do them traditionally and digitally but for Scoops I do em digitally. Its just easier and less time consuming for me.

I usually sketch out a thumbnail of how I want the comic page to look, which by the way ( are really tiny ) if I scanned them you wouldn't be able to read them. Its just a guide for me to plan what goes where for the page. I do the poses after that traditionally using pencil and paper. Then pick the poses I like and re-sketch it ( or scan ) in Photoshop.

I ink in photoshop using a wacom tablet in a new layer over the sketch layer. The inking takes the longest for me but its different for everybody.

Here it is with base colors, coloring is the easiest for me. After this I add the textures and shading. Which is really fun. I use brushes and filters to make my textures. You can see it completed with text and all at

I really appreciate the critique and kind words! Thanks for checking it out everybody!



Zach Bellissimo said...

You got all these done so fast but they're all so great. I envy your fast comic making skills -sits in corner-

Ivan D said...

I like them better before you add the text and textures.

I'd also notch down the darkness on Scoops colour outline or change the hue, and be careful when using the paint fill tool in PS, as it often leaves notorious dark dots. This is because the Wand tool leaves black anti aliasing behind if you fill the outline with a colour lighter than black.

The best way I've found to colour black outlines is to select the whole outline layer, create a new layer and paint the bits you want coloured with the brush tool and a new colour selected.

But as I'm sure you know, there are about a billion ways to get the same effect in PS.

Hope this made sense Tara. Good luck with you animation course! I hope you don't have as bad an experience with formal art teaching as I have.

IndigoCrystal said...

Once again, thank you very much for the help, Miss Tara!

I enjoyed this week's Scoops! Very funny!

Stephen said...

wThanks again for the tutorial.As a newbie to digital inking it helped me some.

Michael J. Ruocco said...

Great comic & great tutorial, Tara! This is gonna help me a lot when I start doing my comic again.

I usually don't like to draw/ink with a tablet, but I guess I'm gonna have to practice getting used to it. Your "tips & tricks of the trade" sure will come in handy. Thanks!

megcasey said...

Great post! Although I'm curious as to how you letter the comic?