Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Sketches, website work and gifties!

Heres a whole lot of art for you all! Some fanart and some original. Added some sketch work to show you the start to finish process. Heres the enter button for my site I'm working on. He's such a snazzy sloth. Love him to bits.

A drawing of my Hula Skeleton bobble friend that lives on my art desk. <3


A gift for my friend Emma . Her two characters Gor and his evil shadow half Dor who likes jumping in mirrors and has a fondness of blood.

The sketchy sketch.

"A Thousand Words" final.
A thank you gift for Katie Rice for the kind words and the plug she gave me in her blog.

Tablet Sketch.

Enjoy! I'll update soon when I have more time.





Zach Bellissimo said...

Its always interesting seeing the before sketches. You make em so simple before you start inkin em. I epsecially like the skeleton sketch, its still got that dress flow like the final product, but i like how i can still see it in the sketch.
Love allll of theeeesssee!

Stephen said...
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Jorge R. Gutierrez said...

These are great Tara!!! You are a kicking ass. Wow.

Sarah Stillson said...

Wonderful work Tara, your art just gets better and better

Jeff! said...

Ah! You Never told me you had a blog!!! Goodness me! You have to add me to your peeps list! :D I am totally adding you under my friends list. I love your blog! The art is stellar as usual!


IndigoCrystal said...

I remember reading Katie Rice say those nice things about you! Wheee!

I love all of these sketches (I saw the originals on DA, but whatev.). You're truly amazing!

Ivan D said...

Love the background and clear silhouette on that sloth character. Probably my favourite of your drawings.