Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Themrog Tea Party

This was for an art trade with Dirk Erik Schulz, who drew me an awesome Jinx and Skid! It was a lot of fun and I'm glad he liked it.

And heres some close-ups of the pic!



Nadja and Mossgodd

Hope ya'll enjoy. I seriously need to get back on that collection but I have Adora first. I hope I can squeeze something in by then.
Till next time!


Friday, October 24, 2008

Interview and Dumm!

Jason Anders, a writer for a site called Fulle Circle Productions, has interviewed various artists such as Eddie Fitzgerald, Kali Fontecchio, Katie Rice, Jorge Gutierrez, Fred Osmond, Kristy Gordon, and many more, has asked me to do a interview with him! Learn some new info about me and what I'm doing. :3

Click Here to See the Interview!

In other news, Zach Bellissimo's guest spot on Dummcomics is premiering tomorrow so go down there, check it out and give a holler!
Go see it here all weekend long:

Only at

I'll try to upload soon!

Monday, October 20, 2008

Oh yeah, forgot about these!

Here's some art I've done recently, I just forgot to upload them. Silly me.
Danny for Evil-Goma.

Skitty and Totodile for my Pokemon excercise Im doing.

Another Owl for Owltober, just a doodle I did in Ink and marker.

I seriously need to get back on track with my projects!

Friday, October 17, 2008

Dia De Los Muertos Collection: Piece 1-Sugar Skulls.

Finally! The first piece for my "Dia De Los Muertos" Halloween collection.
Dunno anything about the holiday? Educate yourself here
Day of the Dead

I wanted to do this collection to experiment with my heritage and culture. My family celebrates this holiday, sometimes I go to Mexico for it with relatives that live there but lately I just celebrate it at home. Its a lot of fun! And it feels like I get two Halloweens each year. I just love the fall.

Each piece will be inspired by the holiday and I'll do them digitally and traditionally. I really want to experiment. Hopefully, I can get in 6 pieces by the end of the month...or maybe more if Im lucky.

A day of the dead without sugar skulls is like a Charms Blow Pop without the bubble gum inside. It's a must-have.
So yummy yummy!


Saturday, October 11, 2008

Owltober 10th

I was invited to take part in the Owltober event down at deviantart.
It was really fun, hopefully I'll do more before the months end.

I've been so swamped that I haven't done much for my Halloween collection. Lets hope I get some time to myself sometime soon.


Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Heres a bundle! And a new project!

Here's some stuff I've done recently. Mostly stuff for friends.
Dez for Zach <3

Ai and Yu for Vap

Devon and Benji for Dekay

Spartacus for Cricket

Aaaaand a Meowth doodle I did last night at 3 in the morning. Its probably why its a little messy. I kinda like the messy look. Meowth is one of my favorites, hes like the Daffy duck of the Pokemon world. Always getting pushed aside by that rodent.

I'll probably add this with a huge pokemon thing I'm doing.

Anyway, I'll be starting up my Halloween collection this month and I just got picked up for another project down at SLG! I'm so excited. Hopefully, It'll come out before Comic con next year. Here's hoping. More details about that later.