Saturday, February 21, 2009

Swedish Gifts

Back in 2008 around Christmas time I sent off a Christmas package filled with little trinkets to my sweet friend Emma, who resides from Sweden. These are the doodles I've put inside the box. Their done on brown paper, brush tip markers and white gel pen.

The first one is a collaboration between Zach and I. I drew the purply girl with the fuzzed out ears and he drew the lanky lizard like guy on the left. It was really fun and I'm glad her gifts got to her safely! Thanks Emma! I loved the ones you sent me!


Sunday, February 15, 2009

Check Out Slugzilla!

.....I mean Coraline.
I am still in awe about how beautifully animated and great the designs are in this film. Go see it.....I said so. Grrr, so many shows I wish I could of worked on.

Heres some close-ups.
I know all I've been submitting is fan art lately but thats all I can really post right now, everything else is seeeeecret.

These 3 are my favs.
Lanky long necked characters.? I say yes.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Flapjack Valentine's Day Contest!

I just watched the Valentine's day special of Flapjack,unaware of seeing the special fan-made song at the end of the episode. I thought that was airing on Saturday.
And behold!
My entry was there!
To my surprise it wasn't even the piece I did specifically for the contest


the first drawing of flapjack I did for fun!
I had to touch up this drawing since mine didn't meet up to the
size restrictions. So it looks like this on the special.

( I think its so crazy that I added those hearts coming from the head,
to see the episode reveal Flapjack sprouting them from the same place. Haha!)

Here's the music video in case you mised it!

You can catch the episode along with the special fanart flapjack song
this Saturday during the "Hugs and Kissies" Marathon on Cartoon Network!
Heres a flapjack clip!

I'm so so soooo excited about this since I'm a huge Flapjack fan and
admire Thurop and everyone on the crew. Can't wait for you to come
visit me during the summer Thurop!


Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Now's the time to buy Jippooooo!

It truly is!
I just got my liddle sugar glider "Jippo" a couple weeks ago.

His name originated from the infamous classics of Betty Boop.

Heres the episode his name is based off of!
*sings Jippo song*
I also own his brother...

His name is officially Oswald.
Named after Oswald the Lucky Rabbit,
the very first Mickey Mouse.
Here's one of my favorite Oswald shorts.

I'll post vids and pictures once they get a little
more familiar with me and their new home. You'll definitely see art of them in the future.

Their already getting used to my home and love to play with me.
Their about 2 years old and classic grey.
They are both so tame and I can not wait to have adventures with them!
My albino pooch loves them too.