Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Now's the time to buy Jippooooo!

It truly is!
I just got my liddle sugar glider "Jippo" a couple weeks ago.

His name originated from the infamous classics of Betty Boop.

Heres the episode his name is based off of!
*sings Jippo song*
I also own his brother...

His name is officially Oswald.
Named after Oswald the Lucky Rabbit,
the very first Mickey Mouse.
Here's one of my favorite Oswald shorts.

I'll post vids and pictures once they get a little
more familiar with me and their new home. You'll definitely see art of them in the future.

Their already getting used to my home and love to play with me.
Their about 2 years old and classic grey.
They are both so tame and I can not wait to have adventures with them!
My albino pooch loves them too.



Nico said...

Tara!! Those lil critters are so cute! Thanks for sharing pics and those cartoons.. I freakin love those crazy Betty Boop shorts.

thanks for the nice comment on my blog too! you rock! :)

Hryma said...

Is that legal!? I'm pretty sure you can't keep them here in Australia, I'm guessing it's an Aussie Sugar Glider, are there US ones too?
Any account he is cute...