Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Stop Signs and Alphabets

Aaaaah, I did something for myself for a change.
It felt so good.
I had a total art block for about 3 days and when I finally put my pencil on paper this came out randomly as I went along. I didn't want to lose my mojo so I finished it all in one night, start to finish. I really like it.

Here's a close up! I work in really huge formats.

And for fun, the sketch.

Not much personal art for now, been busy busy. I've just finished up a comic con project for SLG but have 2 more to finish up along with design work and other things. I'll try to update soon. By the by, thanks to all the people who've stopped by and commented recently! It means a lot!

Oh yeah!
The lovely, funny, cute Miss Katie has posted an amazing collection of drawings
she did of girlies she would quite fancy meeting from the web and yours truly
was in the bunch!

If you are not aware of Katie's work its high time you do!
Her blog is a realm of wonderment and fun unique originals that you can't get
anywhere else. Be sure to give her blog a gander.
Funny Cute
She got me dead on. Skinny body,big head and red. Lots and lots of red.
Ya know I'm meeting you in the future Katie!



Kurdt said...

I discovered your artwork through Dumm. I love your style! Just thought I'd say that, back to lurking...

Nico said...

Tara, your bus stop piece is AMAZING!!!!! I love all the tiny details you put into everything, like her freckles, and the little whisps of hair that curl outwards from her head. Brilliant color, too. You are the bee's knees!

Bobby Pontillas said...

So much fun, as are all of your pieces!

Miss Withers's Art and Junk said...

Great textures on the outfit!

Nico said...

Tara, are you going to Comic Con this year?

tinylittlesandra said...

I love it - great work Tara... I want more!

Mitch K said...

Awesome! :D

Jack Munch said...

I love how you illustrated the perspective of the glasses.