Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Glider Speed Paint

Speed paint before work.
These are my boys!
Jippo and Oswald.
Their crawling on my head as we speak.

Jippo is the happy go lucky younger brother, he always glides to the front of the cage whenever I come near. He never barks or complains and he gets along with anyone who holds him.

Oswald lovable problem child. He is very fidgety, barks for attention, steals Jippo's treats and crabs when I hold his pouch. Plus hes fat, hes an alpha glider. BUT I still love him and he has his moments.

First time drawing them but I have a feeling they'll change every time I attempt to draw them.

Jippo loves blueberries and melon while Oswald loves peas and corn but they both love their yogies. Yes yes.

I'll be posting YT videos of them very soon and post a linky linky here.

Friday, April 24, 2009

All Dummed Out

.....Hehe not really, I can never get tired of Dumm but sadly my week has come to an end. ( Sheds tear )

I had a blast creating the strips. Each one was so much fun to plan out, color and draw for.

Zach made it twice as fun as I never experienced the art of combined collaborations. Drawing a character while he drew the other yet still making them interact was so much fun and it sorta blows your mind when you see the final product. Both collaborated strips came out delightfully well. Maybe this is something the head dummies can play with for future surprises and events? *hint hint*

Even though my week has ended I've compiled some behind the scene work and line art for each day. (Give you a little taste on how I make the comics strips)

Monday-Big Pants Mouse

This strip was originally completed last year! And was the only strip I colored with my brown toned textures I usually add to my art. It felt like Big Pants was suitable for this type of coloring style.

Tuesday-Through the Porthole

I had TOO much fun working on this strip. I gave it more of an animated look and I had to follow up to Katie and Luke's beautiful take on the colored world of TTPH.
Short and simple but still makes you love the cap'n none the less.


Skadi was amazing to work on considering it was my weeks collab with Zach. He drew Dieasoid while I drew pretty pretty skadi, the backgrounds and colored. As you can see in this image I mapped out simple sketches of Dieasoid. Giving Zach an idea what I wanted him to draw. We did the same process for the Earthward strip for his week.
I was very very happy coloring this. Heeeeee....

Thursday-1930 Nightmare Theatre

I actually had two layouts for this strip but being the messy computer owner I am, I misplaced the first version of the strip in my many many file folders. To later find it AFTER the second version of the strip was completed. Oh well, I didn't do too much on the first take but it's pretty similar in the storyline and you can see how I map out the panels. Very storyboard-ish and fast.

Here's the second one, with my padded gray tones still left over my line art. (btw This one was actually the first strip I came up with.) Working with this type of coloring style is very exciting. If you can believe working with blacks, grays and whites to be exciting. It is. Had to add some grayish color tones in there with a hint of red.

And its so hilarious how people noticed my little tidbits of Koko the klown and Mr. Bucket. Who at the time, was revisited when someone linked me the commercial and told me to add it in the nephews playroom. (I had the Mr. Bucket game when i was a young'n. <_< )

Friday- Earthward-Ho!

This one, I had a smile on my face throughout working on this strip. I love coloring. Its my favorite most of the time and this was a delight. I gave it more of a painting type of feel. I had to make it epic and spooky yet playful, fun and cute all at the same time and thats what I'm all about.

Plus, Fiz's dorky yet awesomely drawn mouth expressions have always been one of my favorite things for Fred's strip so doing my take on those was a bonus. 200+

I hope you enjoy these and enjoyed my week!

I'd really like to thank everyone who gave me the heartwarming and inspirational comments on the site and for just checking it out! I didn't expect so many visitors!

Also, Id like to give a big thanks to the head dummies for allowing me to do this, again, I am so very privileged to have done this. You all have become such super awesome friends. I can't believe its been a whole year since we've discussed about me guest spotting on the site. I'm so eager to meet you all this coming year and I have some *stuff* to give ya too. *grin* I know will all be livin' it up in the near future and I'm looking forward to it. Really I am <3

Being a girly from the comic book industry where I have someone telling me what to draw and add. This was a great little escape, even though it's still comic book related, It felt more like animation practice. If that makes sense. It gets me inspired and excited for the future when I eventually do enter that field.

Man, someone hire me already so I can get my buzz! haha!

Anyway, again, much thanks all around. Its been a great week.

Stick around for tons of new work, book details, paintings and other goodies to come this year.

Much love!


Sunday, April 19, 2009

Tara on DummComics All Week Long!


Even though Zach's week has come to an end he
has uploaded some behind the scenes goodies on
his blog, check it out:
Snaggle Tooth Salad
I don't know how I'm going to compete with his week.

My week starts off with Big Pants Mouse! So be sure to come by during the week, give a holler and let me know whatcha think.

Go here for more! CLICK CLICK

I'll be sure to update sketches and thumbnails I've done for the strips during the festivities of my week.

I have so much in store for this blog in the upcoming year. I'm trying my best to contain myself and keep it hush hush till then. *gets giddy and flails hands in front of face*

So stay tuned and thanks for reading!


Monday, April 13, 2009

Zach & Tara Own DUMM COMICS!!!


Secrets out and we're taking over for the 1 year anniversary for Dummcomics!
We've been striving away since last year and created a wicked lineup of strips you should all find to your fancy.

Go here for more! Dumm Comics. COM

We are both very thrilled to take part in such an event and having the honor to contribute to this site. We admire all the hard work the head dummies and Matt Gadbois have done, entertaining the masses with their delightfully cartoony goodness we receive each day. Thanks guys for the support and kudos for a whole new year!
Check out all the dummies blogs here!
Gabe Swarr
Sean Szeles
Katie Rice
Luke Cormican
Ricky Garduno
Fred Osmond

First up, Zach's week (but there will be Tara Surprises as the week continues.)
Be sure to leave him tons and tons of comments for his strips and while your at it wish him a very Happy Birthday on April 15th! Go on, do it. *shoos you away to do so* Here's his blog Snaggle Tooth Salad in case you get lost.

I'll be sure to update sketches and thumbnails I've done for the strips during the festivities of my week. So stay tuned and thanks for reading!


Saturday, April 11, 2009

Sketchy Commission Sketches

Not much to report, still in a work jam but I feel like posting some art for you guys! These are some commissioned sketches I've done recently on my DeviantART Account. If your interested, go take a gander and check it out. I'll be making 100 of these as the year progresses.

Hope everyone is well and I'll update soon!