Monday, June 29, 2009

Holy Cow!

Is it me or is time going by so rapidly?
Comic con San Diego is right around the corner. Sheesh! I've been so busy busy busy trying to get things together for it. Comic work, prints I'll be selling, gifts, hotels, flights, all that jazz. Due to the hustling and bustling of the summer event I haven't really had the time to draw or update. But I have a TON of stuff to post later on when I get a chance to take a breather from all this hectic mess. In July, I will most likely be posting a entry telling you my booth number and times I will be signing.

Anyway, enough about that work hoo haw. Check this out!

One of my awesome long life friends, Jeff has done some amazing things with my artwork. Usually involving high tech gear and electronics. A few months ago he recently gotten a new Iphone and wanted it to be different from everyone else. So what does he do? He gets a custom printing of my artwork, right on the back! It looks like its part of the case!

Even the inside was custom to match the exterior. With a duplicate image for the desktop background, all of his menu buttons were replaced with Hello Kitty heads, when it would start up it would meow and if you received a text it would make a spray can noise! How trippy cool is that? I actually have 2 people getting the gasmask girl image as a tattoo. Just waiting on pics to show you all!

After this one had to retire due to bugs and complications. He decided to get a new one....only to get a new current art piece for the back! *Which you can see above* Since its brand new I'm not sure what type of cool features he'll put on the phone. Maybe stop sign buttons, bird calls and the alphabet song. Either way, I thought this was way cool and felt like I had to share. I wish I wasn't so old fashioned about all these new gizmos. Then I can do cool stuff like this but alas theres too many to keep up with. :S

Welp, I better get back to work. More posts very soon, along with art. I promise.

And to make sure I'm not jipping ya off without any art this post, heres some more of my DeviantART 100 ten dollar sketches I've been doing. I'm almost to the half way point! These are tons of fun to do in between work related material.

Cheery bye for now.



James said...

Wow! Did he do the custom paint job himself or where did he get it done?

Jeff! said...

You can order these at They are only $7