Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Some Rabbits Have All The Luck

My piece for the up and coming The Autumn Society "Golden Age of Comics and Animation" Gallery show.

I sorta gave a hint on my last post on who I was going to do.
I couldn't help it. I had to pick him. Maybe next time Boop. I have a feeling everyone will do her.

Before their was Mickey....there was Oswald.
Oswald was created by Walt Disney for a distribution deal. Debuting on September 17, 1927 in "Trolley Troubles", the plucky rabbit "acted up"- And audiences went wild. Clever, impulsive, fast-moving Oswald was a huge box office hit, but Walt's high hopes for the hare were squelched when his producer cut him out of the production schedule and lured several of his animators away. The momentary setback ultimately spurred Walt to a much greater victory. Oswald is a sassy stylish blast from the past- with a future that looks bright.

So my tribute to Oswald. Cheers, ya floppy eared varmint.

Here's my layout drawing for the piece:

And the inks:

Be sure to come down to the gallery, July 3rd, from 6-9pm.

45 N. 2nd Street
Philadelphia, PA

I know they'll be something for everyone. More details on the way once the opening premieres!



Nico said...

This piece makes me DROOL with D-LITE

Wonderful WONDERFUL picture, Tara!!! You are brilliant! damn, I love Oswald

Niko Anesti said...

Philadelphia!? Oh man, I could actually make it to this one!

SteveLambe said...

Wow! That's definitely one of my favorites from you, Tara.