Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Tigers, Mice, Cheetahs, Ducks...Oh my.

Hi hi!

These are way overdue but I've been living it up in NY and visiting Florida. Disney world, swamp boat rides, wave runners and a whole lot of food. Here's a few marker drawings I did for some awesome chaps I had the pleasure to hang out with and meet.

Yay some artwork!
This first one is for Sean's awesome characters. Unfortunately, I missed him this year. I loved working on this one. I hope ya like it Sean! Maybe I can catch ya next year. I'll send you the original!

Gabe! You were so awesome. I'm glad we finally had the pleasure of meeting. :) Bowser Small hats is the best thing ever.

This one is for the lovely Miss Kali of her characters Maude and Dumb Dumb Duck. Agh, I miss you and Nico so much.

I've actually uploaded this one awhile ago but colored it digitally, heres the traditional one I gave to my homie . Becky.

I drew this one for Becky real quick during one of our drawing jams we had during the con. Becky and Frank, please move to the states. Like now.

Still on vacation but more to come soon! I hope everyone is well and happy. :)

Much love!

Monday, August 10, 2009

SDCC Happy Fun!

Wow, its already been 3 weeks since my last post? 3 fun filled weeks of adventure, sillyness and amazing people. It was another great year, here's a little taste of what has happened during my trip!

The SLG booth was aweseome this year! We sold a lot of issues along with prints.

It was fun to meet up with fans, friends and draw sketches.

The Strange Eggs Crew, Steve, Myself, Chris and Jhonen. The book was a hit.
I felt pretty accomplished getting to sign for a book this year.

After my signings I did a lot of hanging out!

First stop....

Hosted by Thurop Van Orman and Pen Ward.

It was so much fun to hang out with fans of the show, friends, people who worked on the show and of course finally meeting Thurop and Pen!

We went to the Coraline Panel, which was incredible and very inspiring. Henry S. was so great. It was nice to finally meet him, we've been counting the days for a meeting. He was so happy to see me that he hugged me and lifted me right off the ground. I only wish we had a little more time to take pictures and have dinner. He had to head back Oregon, sadly.

Henry called me later and lead me to the Necca booth where they had gorgeous official Puppets from the movie. Their selling them for 6,000 bux a pop! If only I had some etra scratch.

While I was there, I met up with some of the finest Coraliners who were waiting for me. They told me some great stories, I got to pet Martin's cute little dog in a bag and their going to send me some trinkets from the movie! :D Thanks for leading me to them Henry!

We went to the San Diego Zoo too!

And look what I found in the oddessy section!

Ain't he a handsome little devil?

During most of our trip we had the pleasure to meet some of our online friends and pen pals! Which is the best part of the con in my opinion. We hung out with them all during most of the trip too!

Like Bauza! It was so great to FINALLY meet you.

We ran into Fred Osmond!

Ricky, you were amazing. Thanks so much for the pancake breakfast I'm still amazed that you would do that for us and I love my book! We are so happy we got to chill with you and shoot the breeze. We will do it again soon.

The tiny kitten booth where we met up with Frank and Becky and their classy friends.

We went to this amazing ice cream joint where it looked like a old timey movie theatre.

Their friend got the biggest ice cream cone I ever seen.

Man, they had the best toppings. Huge pieces of cookie and cheese cake! *smack smack*

We also had a Art Jam at some snazzy hotel.

Becky drew me this during the fun. :)

Thanks for buying us drinks! You guys are the best.

We've got kitty paws.

Coolest kids on the block. <3

Nico! <3

And another. :) What a sweetie.

We all had dinner at "Rockin Baja" where they served food in buckets.

We also had heavenly cupcakes. *angel chorus sings*

We ate at the hard rock cafe and Carl and Molly asked Zach and I to draw them. Its a good thing I'm left handed.

You guys are sweethearts.

Later, Nico was an angel to drive us to Burbank where we had dinner with some of the dummies who couldnt make it to the con.

From L-R Myself, Katie, Luke, Nico, Zach, Gabe, Kyle and Linsay.

We went to chill at Katie and Lukes house where we got to see their snazzy home, kitties and their chinny. C:
It was really nice to see familar faces too. I've missed you guys!

Dekay! <3

Erin! I was so glad to catch you this year. xoxoxoxo

Hee hee Pokemon.

We also chilled at Kali and Nico's crib and meet their little kitty who grew while they were away on their trip.

She kept playing with the bows on my shoes.

We collected so much swag this year, I was surprised we fit everything in our suitcase.

What I loved most were the beautiful drawings I recieved.

Thurop drew this right at the Aswesome beach party.

Kali drew us! Look how cutesy she made Zach.

And this is how I look in the eyes of Mr. John K. *w* (loves my sparkle eyes)

While at Katie and Lukes they surprised us with Skadi posters and the sketches Katie drew of me a few months back!

The con went well with flying colors, It was the best one yet. It lead me to so many amazing people, new and old. I cant wait to go back and create new memorable moments. I know I'll remember the ones from this year forever. Siiiigh. Comic con.

Look forward to some artwork in my next post. I have tons that I need to share!

Much love!