Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Tigers, Mice, Cheetahs, Ducks...Oh my.

Hi hi!

These are way overdue but I've been living it up in NY and visiting Florida. Disney world, swamp boat rides, wave runners and a whole lot of food. Here's a few marker drawings I did for some awesome chaps I had the pleasure to hang out with and meet.

Yay some artwork!
This first one is for Sean's awesome characters. Unfortunately, I missed him this year. I loved working on this one. I hope ya like it Sean! Maybe I can catch ya next year. I'll send you the original!

Gabe! You were so awesome. I'm glad we finally had the pleasure of meeting. :) Bowser Small hats is the best thing ever.

This one is for the lovely Miss Kali of her characters Maude and Dumb Dumb Duck. Agh, I miss you and Nico so much.

I've actually uploaded this one awhile ago but colored it digitally, heres the traditional one I gave to my homie . Becky.

I drew this one for Becky real quick during one of our drawing jams we had during the con. Becky and Frank, please move to the states. Like now.

Still on vacation but more to come soon! I hope everyone is well and happy. :)

Much love!


Nico said...

love these all, and the Maude one simply captures my heart. Miss you tons, Tara

Mukpuddy said...

These are awesome Tara!

Mukpuddy said...

These are awesome Tara!

Leftyjoe said...

wow, you're my hero, hey, do you wanna be in a group art show? call me up, 6266239757, my name is Joe.

Kali Fontecchio said...

These are all inssssssaaaane! It's hanging comfortably next to Zach's!

I miss you too!!!

ps- I second the vote that Becky and Frank should come baaack!

Tara Billinger said...

Thanks guys!

Nico-Heeee tanks, Nico. *Misses*

Mukpuddy- Yay! Glad ya like em Xander.

Lefty-Oooooh, that depends Joe. Tell me more.

Kali- eeee thats exciting. I have more I need to scan and post up, including Nico's. So hopefully I can get to those soon. :)
Miss ya too, love.