Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Hillbilly Kitty Jamboree!

I inked this back in June, before I was getting ready for comic con. I wanted to draw a picture for all the awesome people I was meeting up with/seeing again. Unfortunately, I didn't finish them all in time. (I'll tackle them when I have spare time)

This one is for Katie Rice, the mastermind behind the blog Funny Cute and co-creator of Dumm Comic's "Skadi". I had dinner with her along with all the other dummies, she was flipping through one of my sketch books and I forgot this was in there! She almost landed on the page. Phew!

These are her kitties Luna and Little Ricky, as hillbillies of course. ( Katie has a fascination on the hillbilly culture )
I failed to upload this before her bday which was a few days ago. Oh wells.

I'll give you the original once I get my hands on some prisma markers. For now, its digitally colored.

Be sure to visit her blog, buy her prints and read her comic!
Oh yeah and check this super cute collection of sketches she drew of me and other cool girlies I know a few months back. C:

I need some prismas!

Short post, since I'm currently working on a commission job for t-shirt designs with this company. More planned out though! I promise!


Monday, September 21, 2009

Big Mario Kart Collab-Start Your Engines

Almost a year ago I was invited to take part in this collaboration project that my good friend Dirk was throwing.

Its a collaboration done with over 40 of the finest artists you can find on DeviantART. Independent and people who already work in the industry came forth for the project from all over the world.

Based on Mario Kart, a series of go-kart-style racing video games developed by Nintendo as a series of spin-offs from its trademark Mario series of platformer adventure-style video games. Each chosen artist had the privilege to choose a driver and do their own rendition of the character.

Birdo is one of my favorite Nintendo characters, when I can't play as Bowser, Im Birdo. I finished this a couple days after he started the project back last October, so its really refreshing to be able to upload it.

After months of preparation it is finally viewable for the public!

Its an absolute MUST to full view the original picture and check out everyone's interpretations of each driver. Their all fantastic!

Driver artists:
Toad-Mike Jungbluth
Baby Mario-Patricio Betteo
Dry Bowser-Robb Mommaerts
Luigi-Dirk Erik Schulz
Funky Kong-Hugh Freeman
Yoshi-Henry R. Frew
King Boo-Grim-Amentia
Princess Peach-Makani
Baby Luigi-Adrián Pérez
Mario-Andrew Kauervane
Donkey Kong-Fubumeru
Baby Peach-Basakward
Waluigi-Dapper Dan
Bowser jr.-Erin Hunting
Bowser-Richard J. Smith
Dry Bones-Neilando
Diddy Kong-Becky Dreistadt
Wario-Zach Bellissimo
Toadette-Kyle A. Carrozza
Petey Piranha-Sam Mckenzie
Koopa Troopa -Mario González
Shy-Guy-Benjamin Anders
Para Troopa-Emma Särkelä
Rosalina -Der-shing Helmer
Baby Daisy -Chris E.
Lakitu-Sabrina Alberghetti

Background Characters:
Michael Perez
Emily Jayne Weber
Yves Bourgelas
Lindsay Smith
E. D. Thweatt
Adrian vom Baur
Psycho Time

I really hope that "I am 8bit" checks this out.

Thanks for creating this sweet project, Dirk!

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

-La Visita- Dia De Los Muertos Art Gallery Show

Whoo! New art!

I thought about uploading this Nov. 2nd but I'd probably forget about it. My piece for the up and coming The Autumn Society, "Day of the Dead" Gallery Show, it takes place in Philadelphia.

And for those of you who don't know Dia De Los Muertos (or All Souls' Day) is a Mexican holiday on Nov. 2nd where families get together and celebrate their deceased loved ones using sugar skulls (calaveras) marigolds and foods and drinks that the dearly departed favored. They visit the graves of their family members and might even catch a glimpse of their spirits.

I had this idea since last year and I really wanted to follow up to it for this gallery show. Coming up with a good layout was by far the hardest for this piece but I'm pleased with it.

Papi is coming to visit his nina and join the celebration of the holiday. I really wanted to show off the true meaning of the holiday with this.

This was the final sketch, I had to redraw this image 3 times before i liked it.

And me starting the basic inks for the image.

Be sure to check out all the amazing works at autumn society's blog and be sure to attend the gallery at

Proximity Gallery
2434 East Dauphin Street
Philadelphia, PA 19125

On October 2nd starting at 6 pm and ending at 9pm.

Over 40 original pieces to see.


More to come shortly, I have a ton of commissions and sketches to post!
I gotta go for now, the gliders keep barking for attention. I ignored them all night to draw *SHAME* They peed in their barrel of monkey's barrel as revenge.

Much love!