Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Hillbilly Kitty Jamboree!

I inked this back in June, before I was getting ready for comic con. I wanted to draw a picture for all the awesome people I was meeting up with/seeing again. Unfortunately, I didn't finish them all in time. (I'll tackle them when I have spare time)

This one is for Katie Rice, the mastermind behind the blog Funny Cute and co-creator of Dumm Comic's "Skadi". I had dinner with her along with all the other dummies, she was flipping through one of my sketch books and I forgot this was in there! She almost landed on the page. Phew!

These are her kitties Luna and Little Ricky, as hillbillies of course. ( Katie has a fascination on the hillbilly culture )
I failed to upload this before her bday which was a few days ago. Oh wells.

I'll give you the original once I get my hands on some prisma markers. For now, its digitally colored.

Be sure to visit her blog, buy her prints and read her comic!
Oh yeah and check this super cute collection of sketches she drew of me and other cool girlies I know a few months back. C:

I need some prismas!

Short post, since I'm currently working on a commission job for t-shirt designs with this company. More planned out though! I promise!



Nico said...

Such a lovely wonderful amazing and CUTE drawing!!! I love Luna to pieces and Babycat has A FANG! This is so great Tara, Katie is going to looove it!

Katie said...

Holy shit!!! Holy shit!!!!! That is amazing!!!!!! SDGdflighdkhhkgkdhgdfhdg

I love this so so so much...I'm completely flattered and thrilled! Thank you so much! Tara you are awesome! Thank you!

Tara Billinger said...

Nico- Thanks Nico! Bah, these gifts are taking longer than I thought. *Needs more time in the day* Speaking of which, yours is coming up. What did you want me to draw for ya again? Then later Zach and I can send you and Kali a little somethin somethin for xmas.

Katie-Yay! That makes me happy. I'll send ya the original along with some goodies around xmas time. :3 Hugs and kisses, Katie.