Thursday, October 29, 2009

Let the Wild Rumpus Start!

(This song will set the mood for this post)

Finally! This costume took ages to make! Seriously. Custom made for Zach this Halloween. Sewn by me ( and with loads of help from my mom.)

Its made of fur fleece. Its very thick and soft. When I was modeling it i started to get hot, so Zach will be really warm while hes off on his rumpus Halloween night. The whiskers are bended fabric wire and it buttons up the tummy like the real deal. The tail is bushy fur fleece.
( I love how I pose in front of my gliders cage, its just so model prop worthy.)

When I started on this, the costume was nothing much but a huge roll of fleece and 4 buttons. I had to cut, resize, try it on, pin it to my body and then repeat to get it how I wanted.

(A forest started to grow in my room.)

I rewatched trailers and observed screencaps from the film since I modeled this costume on the movie version of "Max" rather than the book. I'm not cool though, since I only own pink converse. Zach custom made the crown and staff. So I'm sure he'll take some pictures of the full costume once he gets it.

I'm as wild as they come! AwwoooOoOOooooo!!!

I want to be Carol for Halloween sometime. Maybe next year.

This costume is costumed made for Zach and Zach alone. It goes up my crotch since my hips are higher than his lol so It should fit him perfectly.
I hope you like it Zach!

PS: I wore the hat crooked in these shots, oops.

Next post. My costume.


Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Tara Fun Fact......

Whoa! Mind boggling, I know.

I've always used to sew but I'd only work on clothes, fleece blankets or pouches for my gliders, never really thought of creating things in plushie form.

Until this year... while in California, sometime in June my mom purchased a huge HUGE box of fleece fabric, she kept all the patterned fleece while she gave me colors among colors of base colored fleece. Then I started brain storming. Wondering if I could actually make SOMETHING out of this material. I made a test plush and WHAM, I was hooked.

So to reveal my long awaited secret since June, I give you my 3rd plush made (the others will be shown soon) Kimbo.

For my good pal, Ricky Garduno, Thursday dumm for

He's completely hand stitched, can sit, hes 26 inches (including the ears) and when he sits hes 18 inches. He took about 6 hours to make on and off. Hes very huggable and soft.

For being such a simple design he was tough to make, I had to recreate the sausage ears three times and his head shape once.

I'm kinda sad that I'm giving him away lol

You can kinda see my Stitch plush behind him to sorta give you a good view on size comparison.

This is when I was barely starting to cut out the pieces. (You also get a hint on who I'm doing next in this shot) Shhhhh.

I want to make some plushes for friends first (i'm so nice) and then later create some custom plushies of my original characters.

He was just a head for the longest time.

I'm sending this your way Ricky along with a xmas package Zach and I are making. ^^

Now that my secret is out, I will be making tons of plush dolls in the future. I'm getting excited just thinking about it!

Next post will be "Wild".


Monday, October 26, 2009

Werewolf's Halloween Night Gallery Piece

Yay! Halloween is almost here! I'm very excited for the holiday and I've been smitten by the spirit of it. Werewolf's have always been my favorite classic monster and I always loved the idea of monsters trick-or-treating with us norms. :>

This is my piece for an exclusive gallery event called "Trick-Art-Treat" for The Autumn Society.

This week the Autumn Society will celebrate Halloween with a limited two day Art Show, only at Brave New Worlds. There will be artwork, candy, and more.
It starts Friday, October 30th (6-8pm)
Saturday October 31st (5pm-8pm).

This is also up for sale, if anyone is interested please contact Chogrin.

And like every picture I upload here's the inks and sketch:

I'm actually going to post right after this one because I have tons more I gotta share with you fine people. 8> Here's some sneakys.

Are you excited? Jippo is.


Till next time peeps.


Monday, October 12, 2009

Cloudy with a chance of...STUFF.

"When it rains, you put on a coat".

Quick (but not really) speed paint because I liked this movie and Sabree wanted me to draw them in my stylings.
The humor was good, the animation was great, I especially loved the run cycles and how the girl went through blunders yet cute wild poses. You should go see it.

Here's some music to go along with the picture.

The sketch:

Not too impressive really, haha. With these types of pictures, I sketch where I want things to go quickly.... the important parts, then color over/fix things as I go.

Btw, don't even think about saying these characters look like Zach and I, I get that enough down here, ya'll. *points* ( But seriously. The likeness is really trippy.)

Oh yeeeeeah! Check out this awesomely amazing caricature my good pal Nico drew of me! :D

Isn't it incredibly coooool?! You should all go over to his blog and give him great big Nico hugs! <3

BONUS Doodle:
A little quick paint drawing of my albino dog Moki, since my gliders seem to be hoggin' all the lovin's lately on my blog.

He's a mix between Maltese and poodle, he's born on the same day as me, his fur feels like a cat rather than a dog, he's extremely difficult to have his picture taken. Due to being albino he always gets red eye ALWAYS and his fur comes out so white by the flash he almost looks ghostly. And don't let his looks fool you, hes going to be 13 this year. Whoa, nelly! He also makes the weirdest noises and burps you'll ever hear. They sound so unnatural for a dog.

Siiigh, I have awesome pets.

Here's some decent pictures of Moki.

He is related to none other:


Much love!

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Suggies, Gallery Show and Blog Update!

Whoo! Hey everybody!

So I guess your wondering why I've updated 3 new blog posts labeled coming soon? Well, I revamped my blog! New sections, new info and new friend tabs! You have no idea how time consuming and frustrating the friend tabs took but all and all they look nice. I like getting to look at all my lovely friends art when I come on my page. I hope you'll enjoy them too.

Anyway, kinda busy busy in a good way, I keep getting bombarded with new commission jobs. I'll update when I can. But enjoy this while I work.

True story, this happens to me every so often and they do it when I least expect it. I think I'm used to it now,they just love my hair. When I have time, I'll film them and post vids on youtube.

Speaking of youtube, The Autumn Society's "Dia De Los Muertos Art Gallery Show" premiered two days ago!
My piece "La Visita" is up and also buyable if anyone is interested.

Here's a short video taken at the festivities, it makes me so sad I couldn't attend. Check it out!

What a great way to end the year for the autmn society galleries.

Here's some more commission sketches I've done over at my DA account.

Yup yup, I have tons of projects and new medias I'm playing with and I'll be sure to update frequently during the months ahead.
Zach and I are already starting on christmas gifts, the sooner we start the better. We always cut it short but we're thinking ahead this year. =D
And I have a new tab that reads "Store" which I'm also working on. *Excited*

I hope everyone is having a splendid October, What are your ghoulish plans for Halloween?

Tell Jippo your costume ideas and he'll draw them down.







My name is Tara Billinger, and this purply site of silly is a place where I display my arts. Its also a fun place where I post current projects, doodles, plush work, progression work, showcase friends and whatever else goes on in my head.

You can also get in touch with me here to discuss commissioning work, plush questions, other services or to just hi. So yeah,say hi, chat, yes?

Tara resides in Burbank, California. Currently, working at Disney TVA as a character Designer. I also take care of my mom, (perhaps one of her biggest heroes. Who has punched death in the face and came back from the dead to tell the tale.) My twin sister (which Tara states: Shes taller than me but thats okay because I'm a minute older.) My childhood pet Moki, her thirteen year old albino Maltese poodle who never leaves her feet. And my two beloved sugar gliders, Jippo and Oswald who keep me company during my late nights of drawing and work.

Tara has been drawing since she was teeny tiny and just hasn't quit, Now, shes a conservative young girl who is ecstatic to draw for a living. Self taught she has won many awards and had the pleasure to work and meet some of her childhood heroes with her artwork. She tries her best to branch out and experiment with new mediums, such as markers, clay and sewing.

Tara loves having fun and being a kid at heart whenever she gets the chance.

But when it comes to her art she can become very serious and likes getting the job done while having fun in the process. She hopes she can do this for years to come and have many amazing experiences along the way.

Tara has an obsession with many things, heres a few of her favorites. The color purple, wearing dresses, acting girly, being dorky, sloths, drawing, marshmallow peeps, monsters, singing when no one is looking, collecting, toys, plush, watching classic cartoons, sewing, music from the 1950s, video games, experimenting with new mediums, nature, being inspired, likes knowing she is left handed, comic books, getting out, laughing, giving gifts, meeting new people and working on art projects.

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