Sunday, October 4, 2009


My name is Tara Billinger, and this purply site of silly is a place where I display my arts. Its also a fun place where I post current projects, doodles, plush work, progression work, showcase friends and whatever else goes on in my head.

You can also get in touch with me here to discuss commissioning work, plush questions, other services or to just hi. So yeah,say hi, chat, yes?

Tara resides in Burbank, California. Currently, working at Disney TVA as a character Designer. I also take care of my mom, (perhaps one of her biggest heroes. Who has punched death in the face and came back from the dead to tell the tale.) My twin sister (which Tara states: Shes taller than me but thats okay because I'm a minute older.) My childhood pet Moki, her thirteen year old albino Maltese poodle who never leaves her feet. And my two beloved sugar gliders, Jippo and Oswald who keep me company during my late nights of drawing and work.

Tara has been drawing since she was teeny tiny and just hasn't quit, Now, shes a conservative young girl who is ecstatic to draw for a living. Self taught she has won many awards and had the pleasure to work and meet some of her childhood heroes with her artwork. She tries her best to branch out and experiment with new mediums, such as markers, clay and sewing.

Tara loves having fun and being a kid at heart whenever she gets the chance.

But when it comes to her art she can become very serious and likes getting the job done while having fun in the process. She hopes she can do this for years to come and have many amazing experiences along the way.

Tara has an obsession with many things, heres a few of her favorites. The color purple, wearing dresses, acting girly, being dorky, sloths, drawing, marshmallow peeps, monsters, singing when no one is looking, collecting, toys, plush, watching classic cartoons, sewing, music from the 1950s, video games, experimenting with new mediums, nature, being inspired, likes knowing she is left handed, comic books, getting out, laughing, giving gifts, meeting new people and working on art projects.

Thanks for taking the time to glance at my creations and visit!