Monday, October 12, 2009

Cloudy with a chance of...STUFF.

"When it rains, you put on a coat".

Quick (but not really) speed paint because I liked this movie and Sabree wanted me to draw them in my stylings.
The humor was good, the animation was great, I especially loved the run cycles and how the girl went through blunders yet cute wild poses. You should go see it.

Here's some music to go along with the picture.

The sketch:

Not too impressive really, haha. With these types of pictures, I sketch where I want things to go quickly.... the important parts, then color over/fix things as I go.

Btw, don't even think about saying these characters look like Zach and I, I get that enough down here, ya'll. *points* ( But seriously. The likeness is really trippy.)

Oh yeeeeeah! Check out this awesomely amazing caricature my good pal Nico drew of me! :D

Isn't it incredibly coooool?! You should all go over to his blog and give him great big Nico hugs! <3

BONUS Doodle:
A little quick paint drawing of my albino dog Moki, since my gliders seem to be hoggin' all the lovin's lately on my blog.

He's a mix between Maltese and poodle, he's born on the same day as me, his fur feels like a cat rather than a dog, he's extremely difficult to have his picture taken. Due to being albino he always gets red eye ALWAYS and his fur comes out so white by the flash he almost looks ghostly. And don't let his looks fool you, hes going to be 13 this year. Whoa, nelly! He also makes the weirdest noises and burps you'll ever hear. They sound so unnatural for a dog.

Siiigh, I have awesome pets.

Here's some decent pictures of Moki.

He is related to none other:


Much love!


San Smith said...

I love the way you drew their characters - so cute!! And I like your dog's name :) It reminds me of Fraggle Rock

Nico said...

Where do I even begin with this? That Meatballs fanart is SO spectacular! Flint being held by the ratbirds is really funny and you've perfectly captured Sam's cartoonyness and cuteness! I really enjoyed this movie, it's a great step in the right direction for CG movies.

I love your puppy art! The photo of Falcor after the pics of Moki made me LOL.

Kali Fontecchio said...

Very pretty!

Omg Mark music! MARK MARK MARK....

Zach Bellissimo said...

D'aaaaw Mokumsssss

Mukpuddy said...

Awesome Tara!! I can't wait to see this film, we're so behind down here in NZ we're getting it in cinemas at xmas... lame :(

Tara Billinger said...

San-Thanks! Hahaha *imagines Moki as a fraggle rock character*

Nico-I'm glad you liked it. Pffft, they look alike huh? I know for a fact I drew myself riding him and yelling "yeah!" I just got to find them.

Kali-The music made the viewing experience for the movie a whole lot better.

Zach- *Moki burps at you*

MukPuddy-Aw dude, thats a bummer. Atleast your not like my friend who has to wait until next year to see it. She lives in Sweden!

Sabrina Alberghetti said...

So, SO amazing rock!!