Thursday, October 29, 2009

Let the Wild Rumpus Start!

(This song will set the mood for this post)

Finally! This costume took ages to make! Seriously. Custom made for Zach this Halloween. Sewn by me ( and with loads of help from my mom.)

Its made of fur fleece. Its very thick and soft. When I was modeling it i started to get hot, so Zach will be really warm while hes off on his rumpus Halloween night. The whiskers are bended fabric wire and it buttons up the tummy like the real deal. The tail is bushy fur fleece.
( I love how I pose in front of my gliders cage, its just so model prop worthy.)

When I started on this, the costume was nothing much but a huge roll of fleece and 4 buttons. I had to cut, resize, try it on, pin it to my body and then repeat to get it how I wanted.

(A forest started to grow in my room.)

I rewatched trailers and observed screencaps from the film since I modeled this costume on the movie version of "Max" rather than the book. I'm not cool though, since I only own pink converse. Zach custom made the crown and staff. So I'm sure he'll take some pictures of the full costume once he gets it.

I'm as wild as they come! AwwoooOoOOooooo!!!

I want to be Carol for Halloween sometime. Maybe next year.

This costume is costumed made for Zach and Zach alone. It goes up my crotch since my hips are higher than his lol so It should fit him perfectly.
I hope you like it Zach!

PS: I wore the hat crooked in these shots, oops.

Next post. My costume.



James said...

THAT is an awesome costume.

C:\ Dos said...

Awesomely done tara

Nico said...

Dammit I love you guys. This costume is sooooo cute and kickass. I LOVE the picture of you with your hands/claws up, Max-style!!! Zach is gonna look totally bomb. GREAT JOB!! Can't wait to see your costume.. haha late October is like my new version of Christmas. Every couple days I get a brand new awesome Tara treat!!

Zach Bellissimo said...


I'll eat you up, I love you so.

Chogrin said...

This post is full of AWESOMENESS! I need to make one too!

Kali Fontecchio said...


Tara Billinger said...

Thanks everyone!

Nico-Zach's pictures in the costume are so much cooler. He went all out on the photoshoot. They look legit.
Mine is done! I need to take some good pictures of it though.

Zach- <3

Andrew Kauervane said...

I really want a hoodie version of this costumeee :D