Saturday, November 14, 2009

Dr. Scoops Plush!

Yay! I designed a Dr. Scoops plush! I'm considering on making these for my online store that is currently in the works. I think I'll make 5-10 custom plush and if they sell I'll continue to make them. He does take awhile to construct, so don't be whipping out your wallet just yet. I'll be sure to post a link once I have all 10 plush done. I've already designed a couple plush I might consider selling.

So here's the first Scoops plush! (5th plush made)
He is around 7 and a half inches. The smallest plushie I've made. It was a little different but I thought people would like these more if they were smaller, I'd save fabric and beable to make more. He's entirely hand stitched and made of fleece.
I made him "chibi" as its called.

I'm lovin' this plush and his liddle cigar. Lets just hope I don't get sick of him before I can make 10 more.

The scruff going over his belt was a pain but it looks so cute. I can pull it up and see his belt.

I think he's just the right size, not too big and not too small. He can sit on my hand. Its size is probably why the details were so tedious to work with.

Aww you can see his little devilish spikes on the top, when I recreate the plush again they will be more visible.

Since I've just made this plush this morning theres no progress shots of him. :(
I think I will take pics of the next Scoops I make or better yet, do a livestream of me sewing one.

I do have the sketch thumbs I made before starting on him,


Oh right, I forgot. I can draw. I've been so busy with comic work and sewing I havent had the time to draw for myself. So heres a fanart doodle of "Stitch" I did a week or two ago.

Hes one of my favorite Disney characters. I'm fond of alien Stitch more if you couldn't tell.

And here's some commission sketches I've done as of late.

Uh what else? *thinks* Oh yeah! An animator for the movie "Cloudy with a chance of Meatballs" sent Phil Lord, (The Director) my tribute piece to the film. How awesome!

I'm getting ready to head to New York to visit Zach for thanksgiving. So, hopefully I post before then. I hope everyone is doing well!

More artwork soon. I swear!
Much love!



Kali Fontecchio said...

You're so cool! You're toymaking skills amaze me!

ChaoticDrakness said...

How dp you make 3D plushies? I really want to know so i can make ones of my Oc's :[ and possibly a Ragamuffin and Taxidermy from Lenore :9 awsome work btw Tara :D

DASHley said...

How much do you plan on selling each plush?

Amanda H. said...

Is it okay if I follow you?

Nico said...

Dear Tara,

I don't think your talent knows any bounds.

your #1 fan

Ricky said...

wow. You are really good at this!!!

Chogrin said...

These are wonderful! By the way, thanks for including me on your "peeps" :)