Thursday, November 5, 2009

My finger is sore and I'm full of bread.

Boy, these past couple days have been really busy, Halloween on the 31st, my mom's birthday on the 1st and then dia de los Muertos on the 2nd.

Things are settling down though but I know things will kick back up again very soon.

I've been pacing my work very well, along with plush work. I've finished another plush with flying colors!

The star of Monday's on,
Big Pants Mouse.
For the awesome and ever so talented Gabe Swarr.

He's made of fleece, he's about 10 and a half inches (with ears) hes completely hand sewn and is super cuddly soft. He took about a couple days to make.

I had to redo his shape twice, the first time he just didn't come out right and the second he was too small.

His pattern was a little difficult to figure out since his shape is so unique but I'm happy with the turn out. The ears have wire in them to stand up straight.

The most time consuming part of this plush was indeed the pants and details, I had to sew around his whole WIDE body over and over to make sure all the material was placed on his person tight enough.

Kimbo has someone to chill out with now!


Here's a shot of Pants right when I got started, my mom walked in and asked if I was making a pillow. I might as well have been because this plush is so squishy and soft! It felt like I was stuffing the body for an eternity, I used half of my stuffing for this little guy. ( I still have 2 more bags though lol)

Here's the mess Big Pants left after completion. I think this plush used the most material so far. Probably ties with Tigerbuttah. Big Pants, use your magical pants to clean up this mess and put this spare scrap in its box!

I'm really happy with this plush.
This is a gift for Gabe this Christmas, I hope you all like it!

Day of the Dead festivies.

Here's some pictures from our family day of the dead gathering, this one was at my Tia's mom's house. It was so pretty.

She made tons of food for our past family members and ourselves. we ate so much.

Nom nom nom.

We came home with a huge bowl of apples and marigolds.

We'll be making sugar skulls during the "Halloween Leftovers Party" Zach and I are throwing so more pictures of that soon.

Buuuh, I always feel so fat during these next three months but I'm enjoying it. Bring it on, Thanksgiving.

I have more surprises to post soon.
So till then!

Much love


Benjamin Anders said...

Oh man! This is so freaking awesome. Great job, Tara!

Niko Anesti said...

I just saw this on Gabe's blog, it looks amazing! I'm surprised these only take a few days to make. I always thought for some reason that it would take forever. Great job, I'm really loving these!

Tara Billinger said...

Thanks Ben!

They do take awhile but I've been getting better and better, so the process is going faster. They are VERY time consuming though but I enjoy it. :)

Eric Bauza said...

That Big Pants plush is amazing!!!

Kali Fontecchio said...

You're so talented and cool!

Arschblog said...

WOW!!! I didn't know you do sewing too!=) That looks fantastic, and good quality too!:D

DannaItza said...

Wait a second!
R you Mexican???
That is nice!!
I love Dia de Muertos
es mi celebracion favorita ^0^