Sunday, December 6, 2009

Parties, Herny Selick and Plush!

*Dusts off blog*

Oh blog, how I missed you. We have some catching up to do.

Sorry for the lack of posts, I was enjoying my Thanksgiving trip to New York.
Alot of awesome ensued thats for sure.

For starters, I finished a new plush!
Custom made for my sweetie Emma, who resides in Sweden. He's been done for awhile now but I had to get my hands on a red dog collar that would fit the little guy.

This is Gor, her character. He's a nuclear pirate bunny.

Gor measures around 11' inches or 17' inches ( including the ears.) Hes mostly hand sewn with the exception of a sewing machine on the head.

I loved working on his little toes and cheek fluff. You can't really tell in these photo's but hes sporting a metal earring on his left ear.

Bunny butt.

People don't realize how big my early plushies are so here's me pre-cuddling Gor before we shipped it off to Sweden.

Its sad to let my first plush go but I know he's going to a good home around the world.


While I was visiting Zach we had a Halloween Leftovers party. With a decked out party room filled with Zach's spooky decorations, homade goodies and treats, leftover halloween costumes and a pinata!

Zach carved a pumpkin for the front door so the guest knew where the party was while I made my homemade traditional pumpkin seeds. :> Mmmmmm


And later, on a rainy day, out of sheer boredom. We decided to make a fort out of blankets, stuffed animals and pillows in his basement. We played video games and ate snacks for hours.

Zach's little brother Alex wasn't allowed. ( Even though he thought of the idea to build one in the first place.)

We also went shopping for friends which wasn't easy, now its onto family members!

We attempted to go to a local mall at midnight for "Black Friday" but after being there for 10 minutes and seeing how crazy and out of control the place was, we left.
It wasn't worth the trouble and none of us wanted to get trampled on.
Someone fainted and was getting assistance on our way out of the mall. It was that bad.


I've also done a new set of commission sketches. I'm finally at my 50 mark!

And finally, the day after my plane ride to the big apple we went to SVA and went to an awesome live Henry Selick interview.

It was really cool, they showed footage I didn't see from the comic con panel they had in July.

Red Blur.
Haha, theres always one picture of me in the way of the camera, blurry and smiling whenever we take photos.

Blue star sweater Coraline was there for the event. We're posing for the camera. The guy protecting her told me that this puppet is more than 6,000 dollars.

I think Henry was blinded by my hair in this photo.

The next day Henry called me asking if we'd like to go to breakfast before he went off to talk to a producer. Having to rush on trains, subways and walk about 10 blocks, we made it. I did feel bad for being late but there were so many obstacles trying to prevent us from having breakfast with him lol

Lucky for us, he waited patiently for our arrival. We ate the best eggs and french toast we ever had and chatted about his new projects, secrets and stories on the set of Coraline and just catching up on things. He even paid for our meals. He was so sweet, really kind and really fun to make conversation with. It was so nice of him to make some time to have breakfast with us since we couldn't during the Con due to busyness. We plan to do it again soon. I'm looking forward to working with Henry someday.


So all and all a very delightful trip. I'm trying to get a ton of work I had to put off during my two weeks now. I gotta get as much as I can done before I head back in a couple weeks but I'll be sure to post again soon!



Nico said...

WOW, that sounds like the best trip! You guys have so much fun everywhere you go, it's contagious. I can't decide which I like better... you guys having french toast with Selick, or your basement fort!!!!!

Megan DeKay said...

faaaaahhhh I'm so jealous.

Michael J. Ruocco said...

Those pumpkin seeds.... so good.

I'm glad you had a great time up here, looking forward to seeing you again in a few weeks.

& thanks again for drawing Randy. I still can't get over how cool he looks! He's kinda got a Tigger-ish look to him.

Kurdt said...

If this post were a cake, it would be a super awesome cake, with real strawberries on top and sparky candles and a music box mechanism inside that played Beatles songs.

Deino said...

Wow, breakfast with Selick. That most have been awesome. I would like to know what stuff you talked with him!

Oh, and a fort! I miss those... gonna propose my sisters to build one with me again.

Katie said...

I'm so jealous of you for getting to hang out with Henry Sellick! Of course, that's what happens when you do sweet art. I saw him once in a pub in Ottawa but didn't have the nerve to say hi.

I go to school in Brooklyn and I didn't hear about this panel thing at SVA. I need to sign up for a mailing list or something.

Mukpuddy said...

Holy crap, you've been up to a lot!! How the heck did you get to do breakfast with Henry Selick?

Tara Billinger said...

Nico-We try to make the best of things where ever we go out. :3 Its a way of life.
They were both equally amazing.

Mike-Tigger-ish is a new one.

Kurdt-Your making me want to eat my post. D:

Deino-Demand her to make a fort!

Katie-Aw, you should of said hi. He's a very very nice guy. He would of loved to hear from a fan.

Mukpuddy-Oh yes, everyday is a party lol I've been friends with Henry since the Coraline came out in February. I was supposed to go over to the studio during Coralines production but things came up to prevent me to. So, we decided to meet up for comic con but he had to fly back to Oregon. So, this time we scheduled to hang out. :3