Saturday, January 23, 2010

Two Awesome Packages and Glider Bday!

Hey everyone, I just wanted to share some really cool packages I got in the mail in the past weeks. I just didn't have my camera to take pics, I'm going to be posting another journal about something I recently got that must be shown later.

But anyway, packages in the mail are like mini-christmas's to me. I always love the feeling when I get one. First up is a package from Emma Sarkela, my friend from Sweden who gave me and Zach an awesome xmas bundle this year.

Here's what she gave me:
*A really cool traditional drawing of me. :> I love the silver.
*Some Swedish chocolate and gummi candies.
I wanted to take pics before I ate them,It was so hard NOT to eat them. Im so happy I can now*
*A happy bunny wrist band. I love how its a pink wristband!
*Really snazzy ink pens. *I can't wait to bust those out!*
*A nice note and doodle I took off the wrapping on the box of gor and pip.*
*And of course, the cutest little frida charm in
the world. Based on my Halloween costume last year.

They look store bought in person and their so tiny! Their probably as big as my thumbnail. I'm afraid to put this on my car keys because I don't want to scratch up the paint job. *Zach got a Max charm from her*

Thank you so much hun for yet another amazing package!
I love getting to send you things and treats from the states!
I looooove eeeeeverythinnnng!!! <3 <3 <3


Another gift I received in the mail was a surprise gift from my friend Erin Fitzgerald, The voice behind Nazz/May on Cartoon Networks "Ed, Edd n Eddy".

I had no idea what it was but when I saw that logo I was freaking out.

Since EEnE has officially ended last year Erin thought I'd enjoy a little keepsake from the show. That Id deserve it more than anyone for sticking with the show for so long.

What I got was a trinket only cast and crew members received during a holidays past at the AKA Studios.

It came with a ping pong paddle with the AKA logo on it, a AKA pencil, some AKA stickers and a AKA camera. This was for a special event thrown at the studio one year where they wanted people to smack their butts until they were red, take a picture of said butt and send it off in the envelope attached to the studio where they would feature everyone's bootys on a memorial. Oh those Canadians.Erin advised me NOT to do that in my note.

I am so honored to be the owner of this AKA piece of memorabilia. Erin is such a sweet friend and I've always kept in touch with her even after the shows end. This was so nice of her to do and I still can't get over this kind gesture. She's so super talented, all you voice managers go hire her.

I will proudly frame this up on my wall with my cast and crew signed EnE poster, comic con promo's and my EEnE limited edition statue I got from Comic con last year.
*Mines number 28 out of 1000* :3

Again, thank you so much Erin! <3


It is also Jippo and Oswald's Birthday!!!
They are 3 years old!
And it is my one year anniversary since getting them!

Eee, I plan to buy em some new toys and they had a wormie feast this morning and will get a boiled egg dinner tonight.

Love my little sugar monkeys. <3 I must draw them later.


This post lacked art so here's some commission sketches.
Im nearly going over 80!

Artwork post next time for sure!


Monday, January 18, 2010

Ratch Custom Plush and What is to come of 2010!

Phew. Goodbye 2009, it was nice knowin' ya.

Hey all!
Its a whole new year and I have tons to post/talk about and a bit of leftovers from 2009. I'm glad we ended it with a bang. More to come about that.

Speaking of leftovers, here's my last plush of 09!

A custom made Ratch plush!

Made as a surprise Christmas gift for Zach.
He is made of a special grey fabric similar to fleece and minky. Sorta in between. He measures to about 10 inches tall and is fully hand stitched. His arms are adjustable and his mouth can open and close. c:

This was a really special plush to make, I wanted to do something different for this one. So, figuring how to make an open mouth plush was a challenge for me but I'm extremely proud of the outcome.

I might put in some wire in the fingers later. I wanted to but didn't have the time. I had to get this one done before I left for NY and keep it a secret all at the same time. I'm glad it was a surprise in the end. :3

Here's Zach and his new best friend.



The 2 minute sketch I did of what I wanted the plush to look like.

Me starting on the head, I had no idea what I was doing. I was experimenting and if I was going to mess up I would start over and try again. BUT I figured out how to do an open mouth head on the first try. Yay! The head itself took a whole day to construct. Handsewing each one of those long fingers were pretty time consuming too. Ho man. X_X

"Get that thing away from me."-Moki

Thats all for now, thanks to over 100 watchers! Thanks for watching me new-comers. More in store and Big news comin' atcha!

Next stop, Xmas gifties!