Monday, January 18, 2010

Ratch Custom Plush and What is to come of 2010!

Phew. Goodbye 2009, it was nice knowin' ya.

Hey all!
Its a whole new year and I have tons to post/talk about and a bit of leftovers from 2009. I'm glad we ended it with a bang. More to come about that.

Speaking of leftovers, here's my last plush of 09!

A custom made Ratch plush!

Made as a surprise Christmas gift for Zach.
He is made of a special grey fabric similar to fleece and minky. Sorta in between. He measures to about 10 inches tall and is fully hand stitched. His arms are adjustable and his mouth can open and close. c:

This was a really special plush to make, I wanted to do something different for this one. So, figuring how to make an open mouth plush was a challenge for me but I'm extremely proud of the outcome.

I might put in some wire in the fingers later. I wanted to but didn't have the time. I had to get this one done before I left for NY and keep it a secret all at the same time. I'm glad it was a surprise in the end. :3

Here's Zach and his new best friend.



The 2 minute sketch I did of what I wanted the plush to look like.

Me starting on the head, I had no idea what I was doing. I was experimenting and if I was going to mess up I would start over and try again. BUT I figured out how to do an open mouth head on the first try. Yay! The head itself took a whole day to construct. Handsewing each one of those long fingers were pretty time consuming too. Ho man. X_X

"Get that thing away from me."-Moki

Thats all for now, thanks to over 100 watchers! Thanks for watching me new-comers. More in store and Big news comin' atcha!

Next stop, Xmas gifties!


Dennis Cornetta said...

Fantastic work!

I want one :'(

Anonymous said...

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Kurdt said...

"Awesome" in the dictionary should have a picture of your plushies next to it!

Katie said...

Your Ratch plushie is amazing...Zach is a lucky, lucky guy!! Hey your new profile drawing is adorable too! :D

Tara Billinger said...

Thanks everyone!

Katie-Thank you Katie. :>
New year demands a new userpic drawing. <3