Sunday, February 21, 2010


Joseph Game, the guy in charge of The Autumn Society, has recently gotten a job working for Cartoon Network on a new cartoon series called "Adventure Time with Finn and Jake". Members of the AS get to create tribute pieces for the shows release that will be used in an upcoming art book, showcased on the official Aventure Time blog, and hopefully be featured in some type of gallery show.

Here's my piece!

I've seen this pilot a bunch of times since it was made and I downright loved the humor and wigglyness. You can check out the pilot HERE:

This was actually made for a Nickelodeon program called "Random Cartoons!" Finn's name was apparently named after the creator, Pen Ward but I'm guessing he didn't want anyone to own the rights to his name. I'm so glad Cartoon Network picked it up, though.

Here's some PROGRESS shots for ya too. *Shoves in faces*

The sketchy sketch, I already knew what I wanted this to look like before I even started putting things on paper. That's why a lot of the drawing isn't on the sketch yet. The main idea was Finn holding the balance of good and evil in a wiggly sort of way.

Then the inkssssss, which are also fun. Again, I do a lot of detail in photoshop after the ink stage so thats why it looks pretty bare right now. It was so hard just to choose one character because this show has millions upon millions of great characters. Most of them are named and have a purpose too! Crazy. You can't really tell in the final digital picture but I drew a handful of side characters piling up in the background. Most of them from flikr storyboard posts.

I'm really excited to be a part of this tribute book! I've also heard rumors that Frederator (the producers behind Adventure Time)are thinking about making official posters out of all the tributes being submitted. How awesome! Nothing is set in stone but I'd love to see it happen!

I've met Pen during the Adventure time/Flapjack beach party in CA and he was such a fun and nice guy, playing his piano tie and walking to random groups of people to do the same thing. Him and Thurop told me, "If you grow a beard, you automatically get a cartoon series. That includes the ladies." If those are words of true wisdom, I better get on that.

I really wish I could have worked on this show! I had a chance but needed to be in college. Blah. Maybe in the future. Be sure to check out "Adventure Time" this April on Cartoon Network! And be sure to get a taste of some of the other tributes done by AS members over at The Autumn Society!

Thanks for looking!


Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Prince of Burbank

My fingers are in pain and brutally stabbed, you know what that means?

New plush! New plush! New plush!

This time for the most super macho and ever so lovely Jorge Gutierrez and Sandra Equihua!

This is a plushified version of Jorge and Sandra's baby Luka. Here is Jorge's drawing of him I used for the design.

I had to make some alterations because he would NOT sit up if his body was that tiny.

He is made completely out of fleece and thread. I used felted wire for the birds leg, plastic cardboard for the sombreo's shape and he has pinto beans in his bum to keep him balanced. I thought it was appropriate. Hehe. He's approximately 7' inches not including the senior Chapi doppleganger.

Here's a better shot showing the top of the sombrero.

I've been planning to do this in MAY last year before Luka was even born! But due to lack of colors of fabric, busyness and random things getting in the way I only had the pattern drawn out for it. :(

I'm really excited to finish this one at last since it was supposed to be my first.
Maybe I'll make an El Tigre one later.

The sombrero.....Jorge is godly when it comes to details but DANG! This is a simple design yet it still killed my hand during the process. I think the sombrero alone took a day to make. I added every tiny detail in the sombrero, the patches of straw all around the brero, all the little dangly dots and stars and everything is hand sewn, including the name. Phew. I admire anyone who has ever made a sombrero, let alone a plushie one.

Maybe I could make a detachable big boy moustache for him.
I hope you guys like it! Hopefully, we can hang out during the summer when I visit!
You guys are awesome!


You know who else is awesome? These people! I just had to draw them some gifties. *They were meant to be xmas gifts*

Space Bear!!!
This one is for Sabrina! She truly is a treasure, be sure to check out her blog.

This one is for Chris who makes funny parodies and he recently got his first voiceover gig on "Pokemon".

This little diddy is for Vap! Who has some of the coolest color pallets and wackiest doodles.

And last but not least *seriously, I have a few more I gotta whip up*, Cricket! Who has some of the funnest characters to draw. This aye-aye is no exception!



I apologies for not writing back to all your comments or posts! I haven't had much computer time lately due to personal issues but I have been lurking and reading the comments/posts. I'll be sure to reply now that I'm around!

Thanks for looking, more original artwork soon.


Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Super Awesome Overdue Post YEAH!

Agh! I need to really make time for you blog, you're getting a little dusty for my taste. I guess I've been dreading this post since I knew it was going to be a big one, most of this stuff goes way back to xmas. X_X

First things first, my half of the art gifts Zach and I made for our xmas packages. *I actually still have a couple I need to finish but lack the markers* .A.

Let the over-delayed gift giving commence!

First up, Katie's.
Wait, Tara. We already seen this one. I know but now its traditionally colored. :> I'm happy the markers came out just as well as the digital coloring.

I couldn't forget Luke! Him and Katie both love things from the medieval ages. So drawing their kitties, Little Ricky and Luna in that time was a must.

Sir Knight little Ricky is getting ready to slay the threat to the village, the mighty Luna dragon.

A love struck Kimbo and Vespula for Ricky. *I have a feeling Vespula is going to ruin the moment with a fart*

Lucky Linus having a "Lucky streak" yet again for Gabe.

A collaboration between Zach and myself for the ever so amazing Kali and Nico!

I actually still have a few things cookin' that I need to get out there for a few of you. In due time my friends. ;3


And now some coolio gifts I got during the season *a month late can't hurt*

Traditional drawings Emma made for Zach and I, these came with our super sweet package she sent us from Sweden.

A trading card of me as Frida from Dekay. Oh, god. I love this card. She made me so awesome looking and its giving me thoughts of going blue again. She also got me a pokemon game for my DS that I know I'll surely play on my long plane rides to the big apple.

Nico's amazing drawing of me and Dr.Scoops. Agh! I just love how we both came out in his style. <3

And this one is from Kali. Its so funny and cute and I love it. Its really nice to see her traditional work up close. Thanks guys! We really loved getting this package. I found frames for them both but my camera died before I can take a snapshot. Just know that their awesome and hanging above my light switch of my bedroom. C:


Aside from all the wonderful drawings I've received I got this from Zach on Christmas day...what could it be? :O

I had no idea what could of been in such a huge box. So seeing THIS was so incredible!

Its a very RARE Oswald the lucky rabbit plush that only released during the time Disney had gotten the rights back for him in 2007. Since then, seeing one of these would be extremely unlikely or expensive but I got him! Being a appreciator of plush he is a treasure.

He's soooo biiiig and fancy too with his suede fur and corduroy shorts. Now I have the Oswald figure and the plush from the same promotional release from 2007. I also received a cute new Betty Boop wallet from Zach's little sister.

Tara's photo time!

We were snowed in on my bday but that didn't bother me much. Hanging out with Tooly and the family on my 21st bday was just as good.

We ended up going to the city a couple days after my Bday and met up with these guys and a really freaky looking Spongebob. I wish we took pictures of that abomination.

We played the slots at Dave and Busters. I was winning!

We also spontaneously went on an hour drive with Zach's little sister and friends to a really fun aquarium.

We spent most of our time at the sting ray petting lagoon. Zach's sister actually petted a small shark!


One of the coolest things we did while I was there was visit Tim Burton's Art exhibit show at MoMa, here's a video of some of the cool things that were displayed yet we COULDN'T take pictures with.

Here's something I could take a picture with. One of the garden pieces from "Edward Scissorhands" Its one of my favorites so I was really excited to have touched the cookie cutter, the costume and take a picture with this. =D If your in New York definitely check this exhibit out.

So mmmmmyup, I say I had a really great trip. Like always and plan to head out again in March. Thanks everyone! I know I'll embark on more adventures this year and I can't wait.

Next post, awesome news and some new art!

Much love!