Sunday, February 21, 2010


Joseph Game, the guy in charge of The Autumn Society, has recently gotten a job working for Cartoon Network on a new cartoon series called "Adventure Time with Finn and Jake". Members of the AS get to create tribute pieces for the shows release that will be used in an upcoming art book, showcased on the official Aventure Time blog, and hopefully be featured in some type of gallery show.

Here's my piece!

I've seen this pilot a bunch of times since it was made and I downright loved the humor and wigglyness. You can check out the pilot HERE:

This was actually made for a Nickelodeon program called "Random Cartoons!" Finn's name was apparently named after the creator, Pen Ward but I'm guessing he didn't want anyone to own the rights to his name. I'm so glad Cartoon Network picked it up, though.

Here's some PROGRESS shots for ya too. *Shoves in faces*

The sketchy sketch, I already knew what I wanted this to look like before I even started putting things on paper. That's why a lot of the drawing isn't on the sketch yet. The main idea was Finn holding the balance of good and evil in a wiggly sort of way.

Then the inkssssss, which are also fun. Again, I do a lot of detail in photoshop after the ink stage so thats why it looks pretty bare right now. It was so hard just to choose one character because this show has millions upon millions of great characters. Most of them are named and have a purpose too! Crazy. You can't really tell in the final digital picture but I drew a handful of side characters piling up in the background. Most of them from flikr storyboard posts.

I'm really excited to be a part of this tribute book! I've also heard rumors that Frederator (the producers behind Adventure Time)are thinking about making official posters out of all the tributes being submitted. How awesome! Nothing is set in stone but I'd love to see it happen!

I've met Pen during the Adventure time/Flapjack beach party in CA and he was such a fun and nice guy, playing his piano tie and walking to random groups of people to do the same thing. Him and Thurop told me, "If you grow a beard, you automatically get a cartoon series. That includes the ladies." If those are words of true wisdom, I better get on that.

I really wish I could have worked on this show! I had a chance but needed to be in college. Blah. Maybe in the future. Be sure to check out "Adventure Time" this April on Cartoon Network! And be sure to get a taste of some of the other tributes done by AS members over at The Autumn Society!

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Kali Fontecchio said...

Awesome!! They should make a poster of yours at least! :3

Chogrin said...

Thanks Tara! An amazing post indeed, I know Pen and the crew will really dig this! :)

Allyn said...

i loved that pilot, especially with john di magio's voice! shame it proberbly won't be on in the uk for a gazillion years!

San Smith said...

This is so awesome! I had never heard of this show until your post - what a cool project to be a part of!

Uncle Phil said...

ha! Nice job! I love your Ice King.

James Sugrue said...


kyle said...

this piece came out superfantastic. Finish this college thing already and get a job! Scratch that, a job will ruin your awesomeness.

Nick Jarrett said...

I know this is an old post but I loved this piece! I posted it on my blog just to let you know: