Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Prince of Burbank

My fingers are in pain and brutally stabbed, you know what that means?

New plush! New plush! New plush!

This time for the most super macho and ever so lovely Jorge Gutierrez and Sandra Equihua!

This is a plushified version of Jorge and Sandra's baby Luka. Here is Jorge's drawing of him I used for the design.

I had to make some alterations because he would NOT sit up if his body was that tiny.

He is made completely out of fleece and thread. I used felted wire for the birds leg, plastic cardboard for the sombreo's shape and he has pinto beans in his bum to keep him balanced. I thought it was appropriate. Hehe. He's approximately 7' inches not including the senior Chapi doppleganger.

Here's a better shot showing the top of the sombrero.

I've been planning to do this in MAY last year before Luka was even born! But due to lack of colors of fabric, busyness and random things getting in the way I only had the pattern drawn out for it. :(

I'm really excited to finish this one at last since it was supposed to be my first.
Maybe I'll make an El Tigre one later.

The sombrero.....Jorge is godly when it comes to details but DANG! This is a simple design yet it still killed my hand during the process. I think the sombrero alone took a day to make. I added every tiny detail in the sombrero, the patches of straw all around the brero, all the little dangly dots and stars and everything is hand sewn, including the name. Phew. I admire anyone who has ever made a sombrero, let alone a plushie one.

Maybe I could make a detachable big boy moustache for him.
I hope you guys like it! Hopefully, we can hang out during the summer when I visit!
You guys are awesome!


You know who else is awesome? These people! I just had to draw them some gifties. *They were meant to be xmas gifts*

Space Bear!!!
This one is for Sabrina! She truly is a treasure, be sure to check out her blog.

This one is for Chris who makes funny parodies and he recently got his first voiceover gig on "Pokemon".

This little diddy is for Vap! Who has some of the coolest color pallets and wackiest doodles.

And last but not least *seriously, I have a few more I gotta whip up*, Cricket! Who has some of the funnest characters to draw. This aye-aye is no exception!



I apologies for not writing back to all your comments or posts! I haven't had much computer time lately due to personal issues but I have been lurking and reading the comments/posts. I'll be sure to reply now that I'm around!

Thanks for looking, more original artwork soon.



Katie said...

Oh my god! That is the cutest idea ever!! It's little Luka!! You did a beautiful job Tara, are Jorge and Sandra flipping out? :)

The other art is lovely too! Nice poses and colors!

Tara Billinger said...

Katie-Thank yooooooooooooou <3
And I don't know, I don't think they've seen him yet :O

Those gifties were quick ones but it felt really good to draw and color digitally after a long hiatus from doing so.

Mukpuddy said...

Wow, he looks awesome Tara! No wonder your fingers are sore!!

pumml said...

That is such a cute plush, Tara. What a nice gift... something they'll treasure forever!

Jorge R. Gutierrez said...

Tara you super genius you!!! Seriously, you are just too good to our little family. We freaking love the Luka plush toy!!! Thank you, thank you , thank you!

I believe we'll be sending you a set of the super rare El Tigre bobble heads. You crazy genius you!

You are my hero.

Chris Battle said...

Holy crap! As if Luka wasn't already one of the luckiest babies in town!

Tara Billinger said...

Thanks guys! Glad you like him. C:

Jorge- Everything you said in your comment is how I feel about you guys.

And GASP!!! <3

Cricket said...

Still love my drawing <33
And that plush- Your plush skills just get better and better!
oh did I give you my new blog link?

Scott Diggs Underwood said...

wonderous wonders to behold