Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Super Awesome Overdue Post YEAH!

Agh! I need to really make time for you blog, you're getting a little dusty for my taste. I guess I've been dreading this post since I knew it was going to be a big one, most of this stuff goes way back to xmas. X_X

First things first, my half of the art gifts Zach and I made for our xmas packages. *I actually still have a couple I need to finish but lack the markers* .A.

Let the over-delayed gift giving commence!

First up, Katie's.
Wait, Tara. We already seen this one. I know but now its traditionally colored. :> I'm happy the markers came out just as well as the digital coloring.

I couldn't forget Luke! Him and Katie both love things from the medieval ages. So drawing their kitties, Little Ricky and Luna in that time was a must.

Sir Knight little Ricky is getting ready to slay the threat to the village, the mighty Luna dragon.

A love struck Kimbo and Vespula for Ricky. *I have a feeling Vespula is going to ruin the moment with a fart*

Lucky Linus having a "Lucky streak" yet again for Gabe.

A collaboration between Zach and myself for the ever so amazing Kali and Nico!

I actually still have a few things cookin' that I need to get out there for a few of you. In due time my friends. ;3


And now some coolio gifts I got during the season *a month late can't hurt*

Traditional drawings Emma made for Zach and I, these came with our super sweet package she sent us from Sweden.

A trading card of me as Frida from Dekay. Oh, god. I love this card. She made me so awesome looking and its giving me thoughts of going blue again. She also got me a pokemon game for my DS that I know I'll surely play on my long plane rides to the big apple.

Nico's amazing drawing of me and Dr.Scoops. Agh! I just love how we both came out in his style. <3

And this one is from Kali. Its so funny and cute and I love it. Its really nice to see her traditional work up close. Thanks guys! We really loved getting this package. I found frames for them both but my camera died before I can take a snapshot. Just know that their awesome and hanging above my light switch of my bedroom. C:


Aside from all the wonderful drawings I've received I got this from Zach on Christmas day...what could it be? :O

I had no idea what could of been in such a huge box. So seeing THIS was so incredible!

Its a very RARE Oswald the lucky rabbit plush that only released during the time Disney had gotten the rights back for him in 2007. Since then, seeing one of these would be extremely unlikely or expensive but I got him! Being a appreciator of plush he is a treasure.

He's soooo biiiig and fancy too with his suede fur and corduroy shorts. Now I have the Oswald figure and the plush from the same promotional release from 2007. I also received a cute new Betty Boop wallet from Zach's little sister.

Tara's photo time!

We were snowed in on my bday but that didn't bother me much. Hanging out with Tooly and the family on my 21st bday was just as good.

We ended up going to the city a couple days after my Bday and met up with these guys and a really freaky looking Spongebob. I wish we took pictures of that abomination.

We played the slots at Dave and Busters. I was winning!

We also spontaneously went on an hour drive with Zach's little sister and friends to a really fun aquarium.

We spent most of our time at the sting ray petting lagoon. Zach's sister actually petted a small shark!


One of the coolest things we did while I was there was visit Tim Burton's Art exhibit show at MoMa, here's a video of some of the cool things that were displayed yet we COULDN'T take pictures with.

Here's something I could take a picture with. One of the garden pieces from "Edward Scissorhands" Its one of my favorites so I was really excited to have touched the cookie cutter, the costume and take a picture with this. =D If your in New York definitely check this exhibit out.

So mmmmmyup, I say I had a really great trip. Like always and plan to head out again in March. Thanks everyone! I know I'll embark on more adventures this year and I can't wait.

Next post, awesome news and some new art!

Much love!


Katie said...


Love the drawings of Baby and Luna!!!!! My cats are the best cats in the world, and you did the justice! HAPPY HAPPY

All your drawings are so cute...this blog post was so fun to read. I love the photo of you with Sesame Street fur monsters- you look very demure and pretty, even though there are weird beasts with staring eyes on either side of you!

Nico said...

SUCH a happy post! Thank you for liking my gifty, I had so much fun drawing it!

I forever love seeing all the photos that you and Zach take on your many adventures. I can always see how happy you both are in them, and how much fun you're having. Thank you for sharing them with us!

Kali Fontecchio said...

Pretty!!!!! I realllyyyy can't wait to get that pic!!!!!! Must frame in something huge and fancy to commemorate its' awesomeness!!!!!!

I'm so glad you liked the drawing!!! You're so fun to draw and color!!!!!! I loved doing yer hair :3

Allyn said...

i'll be visiting this blog more, love your art!

Tara Billinger said...

Katie-Thanks Katie! Your kitties are adorable creatures. I wish I got to see them a little more during my visit. Screw allergies!

Those monsters are no sweat! I was actually really excited and kiddish when I saw them, like a kid in disneyland. I HAD to get a picture with them. That freakish spongebob monster is a different story.

Nico-Of course Nico! Next time you need to be in the action and join us in some of our adventures!

You're SO fun to draw! I want to do draw a full body picture of you next time! <333

Allyn-Yay! I'm glad you like my work. Thanks for sticking around. c: