Friday, April 16, 2010

Triple Hit!

I love my new markers! I love my new markers! I LOVE my new markers. Zach's gift was the first thing I did with them so I couldn't post any of the other drawings I did after it until his Bday was over. Finally, I have a set of my own. Or make that two. :D

Here's something I did for Jorge and Sandra's package I'm making. The Luka Plush is going in it of course, along with a surprise drawing I won't show. Well, until they receive it in the mail! I'm nearly done and then I'll send it off. I love you guys. ;-;

The next one is for my super-fly awesome friend, Nico!

I haven't really properly drawn Nico something yet and thats a bad thing because his characters are so fun to draw! Scribbles and Scarfy <3 just chillin' at a local coffee shop. I'm looking forward to whatever you have planned for them, Nico. ;3

Now its pet drawing time!

I was playing with my gliders last night and came up with the best combination ever......


I was just looking at their day of the dead cage accessories and bam! Had to draw this picture. Their more into their yoggie treats than posing in their skulls.

Here's their themed cage if ya can't remember:
(They actually have tons of new stuff, these are kinda dated.)


Yeah, I definitely think I'm going to do a mini collection of these.

Till next time!
I feel like sewing now.
But that has to go on hold since I'll be gone for the weekend.


Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Sloth n' Croc Swamp Rump

This is for Zach.<3
He just turned 21 today! Go draw him lots of pretty pictures!

These are our favorite animals but I swapped our favorites with ourselves. Lately, I've been joking that Zach acts like a sloth. lol And I love them and even though, I'm a crocodile, I'm all over that like no ones business. Mmmmhmm.

So love has emerged in this swampy bayou as the tree leaves dance. :3

Isn't hair made out of swamp vines and leaves awesome?

Happy Birthday, love!

I have tons of goodies, doodles and other thingy-ma-bobs to show you but today is Zachs day. :3 So, lets party. *raises chocolate milk carton*


Monday, April 5, 2010

Bits of Purple

Hey all! And whats up all you new watchers and visitors? :3 Thanks for coming.

Sorry about my hiatus as of late. I'm going through some gobblety-gook that needs handling but I should have enough time on the side to draw more. Yes, things should get back on track. I have some surprises in store.

This post is an update for whats going down in the future (which I'm looking forward to.)

The drawing above is a new image of myself. The last one was almost a year old. I wanted to draw another pic of me in a dress since I love wearing them but I'm just so accustomed to these boots. Love em'. So, here's one of my few outfits that doesn't revolve around a dress but I still like. <:

Yes, I do posses a sloth backpack. And yes, it is epic.

This image is for my ABOUT section of my blog which I'm currently updating. I still need to work on a couple more images for it to be done. I intend to finish all my tabs soon, I want them to be functional and useful for you all who visit.


Here's some commission sketches I've done recently for my 100 sketch commission project over at Deviantart. I'm at my final 15 I think. I know I'll upload all of them as a whole once its completed.

I've been getting some fun ones lately.

My take on Zoe Avez from El Tigre. Super fun chica to work on, I'm glad someone commissioned me to do her.


I plan to FINALLY open up my store but I'm currently working on new items to sell, so hopefully I can open that soon! I'm quite excited. C:

Its really refreshing to be able to do some original work for a change.


To end this, here's Moki, my albino puppy sporting my sloth backpack. Their cuddling.

Screw 500 dollar designer bags, I have a sloth! *pets*

Much love, everybody.