Monday, April 5, 2010

Bits of Purple

Hey all! And whats up all you new watchers and visitors? :3 Thanks for coming.

Sorry about my hiatus as of late. I'm going through some gobblety-gook that needs handling but I should have enough time on the side to draw more. Yes, things should get back on track. I have some surprises in store.

This post is an update for whats going down in the future (which I'm looking forward to.)

The drawing above is a new image of myself. The last one was almost a year old. I wanted to draw another pic of me in a dress since I love wearing them but I'm just so accustomed to these boots. Love em'. So, here's one of my few outfits that doesn't revolve around a dress but I still like. <:

Yes, I do posses a sloth backpack. And yes, it is epic.

This image is for my ABOUT section of my blog which I'm currently updating. I still need to work on a couple more images for it to be done. I intend to finish all my tabs soon, I want them to be functional and useful for you all who visit.


Here's some commission sketches I've done recently for my 100 sketch commission project over at Deviantart. I'm at my final 15 I think. I know I'll upload all of them as a whole once its completed.

I've been getting some fun ones lately.

My take on Zoe Avez from El Tigre. Super fun chica to work on, I'm glad someone commissioned me to do her.


I plan to FINALLY open up my store but I'm currently working on new items to sell, so hopefully I can open that soon! I'm quite excited. C:

Its really refreshing to be able to do some original work for a change.


To end this, here's Moki, my albino puppy sporting my sloth backpack. Their cuddling.

Screw 500 dollar designer bags, I have a sloth! *pets*

Much love, everybody.


Nico said...

You are so wonderful, Tara!!

Katie said...

Hi Tara!! Your self portrait is so cute, I love the pose! Your blog is looking excellent! :D

Tara Billinger said...

Thanks Katie! If you ever want help constructing CSS for your blog. Id kindly help out. ;3

Katie said...

Wow thanks, I might take you up on that actually! I've been looking to redesign my blog soon. :)