Friday, April 16, 2010

Triple Hit!

I love my new markers! I love my new markers! I LOVE my new markers. Zach's gift was the first thing I did with them so I couldn't post any of the other drawings I did after it until his Bday was over. Finally, I have a set of my own. Or make that two. :D

Here's something I did for Jorge and Sandra's package I'm making. The Luka Plush is going in it of course, along with a surprise drawing I won't show. Well, until they receive it in the mail! I'm nearly done and then I'll send it off. I love you guys. ;-;

The next one is for my super-fly awesome friend, Nico!

I haven't really properly drawn Nico something yet and thats a bad thing because his characters are so fun to draw! Scribbles and Scarfy <3 just chillin' at a local coffee shop. I'm looking forward to whatever you have planned for them, Nico. ;3

Now its pet drawing time!

I was playing with my gliders last night and came up with the best combination ever......


I was just looking at their day of the dead cage accessories and bam! Had to draw this picture. Their more into their yoggie treats than posing in their skulls.

Here's their themed cage if ya can't remember:
(They actually have tons of new stuff, these are kinda dated.)


Yeah, I definitely think I'm going to do a mini collection of these.

Till next time!
I feel like sewing now.
But that has to go on hold since I'll be gone for the weekend.



Mukpuddy said...

Wow, great stuff! Jorge and Sandra will love it!

Kali Fontecchio said...

OMG i don't htink Nico has seen this yet- AMAZING! You're so cool :D <3

DarkRoar said...

Looks cool.

What brand of markers are you using and what type of paper?

Rocky O said...

Hehe you are SO fun, Tara! Love the fun sugar gliders image of them wearing their skulls hahaha

Did you sew the accessories in their cage?

Can't wait to see more and more work! Keep up the fantabulous job! <3

Tara Billinger said...

Mukpuddy-Thanks! I hope so. :3

Kali-I don't think he has. :O

Thank, buddy!
I use Prismacolor art markers and my brown papered sketch book. You can find the sketch book in any art type store I think.

Rocky O-Thanks! Love me some gliders, I've sewn a few of their items displayed in their cage, along with some pouches I switch that aren't in there. :>

Jorge R. Gutierrez said...

You are now Luka's favorite aunt :)

Niki said...

I'm a 'spose to draw fer Nico too. I hope he likes it!

Nico said...

AHHHHHH I am SO sorry I didn't see this til now! I've been kind of computer-less for the past few days.

I LOVEEEEEEE ITTTTTTTTTTT!@!!!!!!!!!! I've already told you elsewhere and in great detail about how much I love this but I AM SAYIN' IT AGAIN HERE! Yayyyy!! TARA YOU ARE MY HERO