Monday, May 31, 2010

Edward Scissorhands-90s Gallery Show Piece

Its that time again.
Another awesome gallery show ran by the peeps over at The Autumn Society have another one cooking. This time, for the tubular 90's. Oh, my childhood, there was so many things to pick from. SO MANY. It was very hard to decide, I did want to do Ren and Stimpy or a bunch of other fun cartoon shows I grew up with or even toys I'd want to take a stab at but seeing the entries thus far made me want to choose something no one else would suspect.

I picked Edward. :P Huh, two Tim Burton posts in a row? How peculiar.

Edward was made smack dab in the beginning of the 90's. It is perhaps one of my all time favorite movies and one of my favorites from Tim Burtons creations. *Tying with Beetlejuice and Nightmare* Its a movie I can watch multiple times but never get tired of. Its always good no matter how many viewings. Its a really nice "out there" fantasy but still a little close to home to make it feel "real". I think this is the only movie to make me teary eyed. <.< I'm not one to cry during movies anyway. This was back when Johnny was a fresh new actor (and before he was Tim Burton's love partner in all his films) and before Ryder's whole clepto incident. Its a very innocent and original movie. It still has its dark tones Burton usually puts in his films but it feels a little distant from his usual stuff. Which I like.


Here's my traditional sketch with some ink drawn over it in PS. You can see (sorta) that I was originally going to put Vincents Price's character at the top of the cookie factory cutters but after coloring and adjusting everything, he just didn't fit with the image. It became too cluttered. Which is a shame since I LOVE Vincent Price (fun fact: This was his last role before passing away.) but I'll be sure to post his bust once I finish coloring him. I wish I had more time in general to work on this tribute but I've been swamped. X_X Excuse this piece for being a bit more on the simplistic side.

Here's some music to go with this post:

This whole soundtrack just makes the little girl inside me melt. The Ice Dance scene does the same. I can gush and mush all over this like no other and thats not usually how I act towards love stories. This movie does strange things to me, I guess. I just adore this score and it brings me fond memories of my high school Art class.

This piece is up for sale if anyone is interested.

Be sure to go check out the rest of the entries over at The Autumn Society's Blog and if your in the area be sure to stop by! I'm sure it will be a fun gallery! Again, I wish I could attend. I'm sure I'll post the footage coverage once thats available after opening night.

Opening night-June 4th
Time-6-8 PM
Place-Brave New Worlds
45 N 2n Street
Old City

"Before he came here it never snowed and now, it did." siiiigh, yeah. I'll shut up now.


Friday, May 28, 2010

Tea Time In Wonderland

This is for a contest going on over at DeviantART, its a contest promoting the DVD release of "Tim Burton's Alice and Wonderland". The contest is called "Picture yourself in Wonderland", you must depict yourself as one of the iconic characters from Tim Burton's version of Alice In Wonderland and everything else will be judged based on that theme, originality and technical skills.

I just adore all adaptions to this story and I'd watch the Disney version non-stop as a kid. *I'll be sure to make a tribute to that version in the future*

So I Alice-ized myself as well, of course Alice. I've always had a connection with this character, shes a day dreamer, innocent, imaginative and bores of reality from time to time yet shes witty, a little distant from her peers but always knows what she wants. Plus, I can think of 5 impossible things every morning. C: Shes just such a fun character in a bunch of different ways you look at her, an explorer, a mental case living in her own mind or a day dreamer, shes still totally likable.

This image took me 3 days to do on and off. One of the longest pieces I've ever done. With over 100 layers of detail. I really wanted to go overboard with this.

I chose the classic tea party scene as its nostalgic and fun all its own. Who didn't dream about participating in a un-birthday tea party? This is just pure imagination and I had fun working on this. I tried to add as many trinkets and fun items from the movie, the scroll, the vile, playing cards to represent the red queen, the key to the door, the sword, and tons more. Can you find them all?

I really enjoyed creating this digital painting and being able to join the fun of these unique and well known characters. I felt like a child again working on this.
This is the first time entering a DeviantART contest and I put a lot of effort into this so if you all would be so kind as to comment, fav and view the image at my DeviantART Id truly appreciate the support!



Here's a few close-ups from the image:


Here is the traditional sketch this image is based on, as you can see I just draw out random shapes to use as a guideline and once scanned in photoshop draw in the additional shapes and spaces needed. My sketches are very loose as I add all the detail once inking and coloring.


I'm so glad I could take part in such a fun contest and just before the deadline too. *Phew* Thanks for looking and wish me luck!

PS: Here's a video I listened to a lot while drawing this:


Thursday, May 20, 2010

And the Days Go By~

Firstly, I got a package from Zach yesterday. I always love getting packages from him because he always sends them when I least expect it and when I need it most.

In it was this little dear of a deer. It came to me in one piece, the box it was in looked like it was stepped on and thrown down the stairs but no broken pieces or gun shot wounds here. It used to be his moms back when she was little and I had to have it. Its in really great shape and I love vintage toys. He also got me a red day of the dead Mexican made Bracelet. :> You can sorta see it by her feet. He has a green skull bracelet to match.

I sketched this out right after getting my little deer. Sorta experimenting with my sketches.

Here's the actual Deer in question, on my new red wooden shelf I recently gotten. *I had too much nic-knacks. *This shelf is still being fixed as its messy*

Thank you Zach, I love it.


Speaking of packages, Jorge and Sandra recently gotten the one I sent them. :> So I can post this little diddy.

Its my take on "El Tigre" done traditionally. I'm looking forward to their package and seeing both Luka's together. Before I sent the plush off I actually had time to embroidery the eyes.


And you know what else? Huh?
I finished my 100 ten dollar sketch commissions! I started this project last year but it was a really fun process, I got some fun characters to do and I feel this really helped me learn how to draw certain characters and what type of styles are out there.

Be sure to check the whole lot in these pictures below.


The last few were a special offer where I would traditionally ink and give them base color, heres a couple:

Thanks to everyone who contributed to this, it was a blast to do!


I apologies for my random periods away. I'm still going through things that are keeping me from giving you all tasty arts. Too much on the mind and tons of things to do but it doesn't mean I'm not doing anything, oh no, I've got lots of stuff planned. I'm actually excited about the future and pretty optimistic about it to boot.

Much love, everyone!