Thursday, May 20, 2010

And the Days Go By~

Firstly, I got a package from Zach yesterday. I always love getting packages from him because he always sends them when I least expect it and when I need it most.

In it was this little dear of a deer. It came to me in one piece, the box it was in looked like it was stepped on and thrown down the stairs but no broken pieces or gun shot wounds here. It used to be his moms back when she was little and I had to have it. Its in really great shape and I love vintage toys. He also got me a red day of the dead Mexican made Bracelet. :> You can sorta see it by her feet. He has a green skull bracelet to match.

I sketched this out right after getting my little deer. Sorta experimenting with my sketches.

Here's the actual Deer in question, on my new red wooden shelf I recently gotten. *I had too much nic-knacks. *This shelf is still being fixed as its messy*

Thank you Zach, I love it.


Speaking of packages, Jorge and Sandra recently gotten the one I sent them. :> So I can post this little diddy.

Its my take on "El Tigre" done traditionally. I'm looking forward to their package and seeing both Luka's together. Before I sent the plush off I actually had time to embroidery the eyes.


And you know what else? Huh?
I finished my 100 ten dollar sketch commissions! I started this project last year but it was a really fun process, I got some fun characters to do and I feel this really helped me learn how to draw certain characters and what type of styles are out there.

Be sure to check the whole lot in these pictures below.


The last few were a special offer where I would traditionally ink and give them base color, heres a couple:

Thanks to everyone who contributed to this, it was a blast to do!


I apologies for my random periods away. I'm still going through things that are keeping me from giving you all tasty arts. Too much on the mind and tons of things to do but it doesn't mean I'm not doing anything, oh no, I've got lots of stuff planned. I'm actually excited about the future and pretty optimistic about it to boot.

Much love, everyone!



Kali Fontecchio said...

Whoa those are crazy!!!

I think my fav is Ben's Jo, she is so especially cute, and the colors are so pretty!

You don't have to apologize for being away! Life happens :D

Benjamin Anders said...

I didn't see this post! Eeep! Again love the Jo you drew! She looks really cute!