Friday, July 23, 2010

Skitty Tattoo and Pumps!

Check this out! My Skitty drawing I did here:

Is now on the leg of the totally awesome person, Dara Carlson!
She wanted to modify the mouth to make her look a little more feisty instead of whistling. :3

Which heels look best with Skitty?



This was really awesome and a huge surprise! Apparently, theres a lot of people who get tattoos of my work yet I never see it! I love when people do, so don't be shy to email or note me when you do. I'd be sure to feature it here!

Thanks Dara for letting my work fester on your leg! It came out really nice! :D
I love the little red cheeks and teeth! You rock so hard.

Man, its been one cool thing after another.


Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Tara Be Rappin' Good!

So I got one of the coolest packages I ever received in the mail yesterday.......

What an awesome thing to get on a rainy day! I still can't believe it. Actually, scratch that, I gotta believe......

This wonderful assortment was from the incredibly awesome and talented Rodney Alan Greenblat! The visual stylist of "Parappa the Rapper"!

I've recently got in touch with him and he's the nicest guy in the world. Just look at that plush! He told me its from a rare promo for the PSP release of the game and this was only distributed in Japan. Hes 10 inches tall and so incredibly well made! Look at that awesome tag with Rodney art!

He also threw in some promo PSP rubber keychains, these were given out in 2008 promoting the PSP release at Comic con. Being there, I've already snagged one but now I got two in the package!

The last thing in the batch is this really cool promo PSP skin and his thank you note from his company. I wish I had a PSP to put this skin on.

This gift means so much, seriously, more than he'll realize. Rodney is a huge inspiration and one of my favorites!

I also sent him this paint up of Parappa, which he enjoyed. I did make some doodles Ive done right after receiving this package but I'll wait to upload them.

I plan to make some original pieces and a tribute for Rodney! So be sure to keep a look out for that in upcoming posts.

Rodney has a wonderful website with a ton of great items, books, games and more! Including signed prints! I'm going to get this one when I have the chance.

Get the games too if you haven't played them yet!

He has also done other design work for Umjammer Lammy. *We look alike right? Same droopy eyes too.* Another great nostalgic game for me.

Besides video game design he pretty much does a bit of everything. Though, being an American artist he is most famous in Japan. Parappa even got his own anime! In case anyone who hasn't heard of him here in the states, Id like to showcase him and let you all get a feel of his work.

He has done multiple childrens books like the one above "Thunder Bunny".

Along with amazing paintings, his work is so lively and innocent. You really have to stop and look to really grasp every detail.

Rodney currently resides in New York, as an abstract painter. He has had many gallery shows around the area. He is truly inspiring and I suggest you all to check out his site: Whimsy Load for more art, galleries, info and he also has an amazing shop full of many of his products and art! Id buy it all if I could! Go check it out!

Thanks a million, Rodney! I adore my lovely package!

More soon.


Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Hey look, I finally posted something on my Blog.

The mega awesome Gabe Swarr, now working on "Kung Fu Panda" over at Nick, asked me *along with a bunch of other amazing artists* to do their "Farewell" comics for Big Pants Mouse. :3

Here it is for your viewing pleasure, go to to see the whole thing!

I do have some BPM sketches I did warming up for the comic but my comp has a few bugs so I'll post those next time.

Looking at the comments, people are getting mad with the guest strips, not due to the guests or art itself but they just feel bad about being reminded that its the end of Big Pants, haha awww. But come on people, enjoy the brilliant tributes while they last. Gabe's comic will come soon enough! Be sure to check it out once it airs!

Its always a honor to contribute to the site, thanks Gabe!


So yeah, where have I been? I know, I know. My blog has been super dusty and I hate not getting to update it, I've been preoccupied at home, I don't really want to get into it. The good news is, I just recently gotten a break for myself and for my art! More art in the next couple weeks and I bet I'll have fun stuff to post once Zach comes over to visit me. :D Lots of cool stuff to post in due time people, I swear.

To hold you until then, uuuuuh...heres a sugar glider barking. Watch that till next post.

And to answer anyone's questions: Yes, sugar gliders bark when they want attention, or if its too cold. Mine hardly do this but when they do, its usually while I'm sleeping. >:[