Friday, September 24, 2010

Tigre Trinkets at My Door Step!

YeeeeeeeeeeeeAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH! I got the coolest package when I came home from New York a while ago, I've just been so busy that I haven't had the time to reveal it.

This magnificent gift came from the wonderful creator team Jorge Gutierrez and Sandra Equihua!!!

They decided to surprise me with THESE beauties!

Wow! I can't believe this, in my box which was quite heavy, filled with popcorn to the rim was five smaller white boxes with names on them. Inside those were these AMAZING limited edition El Tigre bobbleheads!

Just look at these! There so well crafted, when I opened them I was just in awe with every reveal. Grandpapi's sombrero bobbles and every single skull dangling from his hat has a painted face!

When they said they were sending me bobble heads, I wasn't expecting to get the full set!

You cannot buy these anywhere. Nickelodeon made them strictly for in-house distribution to cast/crew members when the show was still in production.

I am so touched that you guys would consider me a member of the team and going back to Nick and getting these for me. I'm beyond honored. I still can't believe it. I don't even....*chokes up a little*

Just look at those details! They all look like they were individually painted. The sculpts are so crisp and clean and their so fragile and delicate I didn't even want to take them out of their styrofoam prisons at first. Now, their proudly placed on a safe shelf in my room. *My custom Frida charm I got from my friend from Sweden sits nicely on El Tigre's ear*

They were also kind enough to send me the cast and crew DVD box set of the series! I can watch them any time now, instead of waiting on Nicktoons to play them all. They always play like the same four episodes. >:[

If you've haven't noticed, I love to collect things for my favorite cartoon shows that have a special place in my heart or inspired/influenced me and I dedicate places in my room to them. Ren & Stimpy, Ed, Edd n Eddy, ext. They mean that much more when their from the creators/crew members which I seem to have a lot of.

This is my El Tigre swag I've collected over the years, its been years? Really? Dang.

You both have been so generous and kind to me over the years and I can't thank you enough. You have no idea how much these gifts mean to me and I'll forever treasure them.

And if you haven't seen it already, check out their latest pitch they created for Disney!

Carmen Got Expelled! PILOT from Jorge R. Gutierrez on Vimeo.

I was supposedly going to work on this show on storyboards but unfortunately for the world, they didn't pick it up. :'( Due to edgyness. BAH!

Enjoy none the less as its pretty badass.

Thank you guys immensely for everything! I know I'll work with you both someday! Its only a matter of time. ;3

More soon.


Friday, September 3, 2010

Why look who's here!

Hey everyone!
I'm finally back from my summer vacation!
I'm pumped up and ready to work on new projects! I'll be working on some surprises and I have some new art line ups in store. But for now, why don't you check out what I've been doing on my crazy fun filled break with Zach.

First, he came and visited my mom and myself for a week. We had a jammed packed week with something fun to do each day.

We went out to Hollywood connection for mini golf. My mom won us all and we lost a ball in the clam themed hole.

The next day, I had to get my top wisdom teeth out but we scheduled to go to the drive in that night. I asked my dentist if I was allowed to go but suggested I shouldn't and rest. Zach was only going to be here once and they don't have drive-ins in New York so I took a chance.

You can so tell Im drugged up and puffy, we saw Toy Story 3 so I decided to bring a toy with me. Raichu is one of my favorite pokemon and my newest plush.

We ended up having a good time, Im really glad we went. It was such a nice night, we even saw some falling stars.

Caught a great sunset too.

The day after, we went to this really cool themed restaurant called "The Mayan". It has great Mexican food and has rock divers jump into a lagoon while you eat.

We went to the zoo on one of the hottest days of the summer.....I got stuck in that egg.

I really wanted to see the tigers but their area was empty, I was bummed but then we kept walking and they were moved to another area due to the heat. They were really close and had misters around them as they slept.

We saw all the animals at the zoo, even our favorites.....can you find mine in this picture?

Eeeeee....he was right there, I was so excited. I wanted to climb up that tree and pet him. *And steal him.*

We also went to a bunch of diners and hung out while he was here but it was soon time to head out to NY.

The day after we arrived, Zachs family's street was having their annual "Block Party".
Where Zach and I were hired to face paint all the little kiddies for the event.

This was our work booth. Zach painted that sign a few years ago. We gave the kids a twizzler once they were done but had a grunkle guard them while we weren't looking.

Business was booming, we had no idea how many kids we painted. Some even came back for more. Including their cheeks, arms and hands.

The kids were really good and excited about this. I dont know how many kitties, fairies and butterflies I drew that day. All the little girls kept coming to me. It was a nice experience. I think we learned from last year to get things situated.

We worked until dusk where we couldn't even see the kids face. We were rewarded with delicious food and cotton caaaaaaandy. :D

Soon enough, it was time to head out to Florida and drive an hour to see these familar gates. :D I havent been to there since I was six. It was so exciting, everyone was laughing at my reaction when we entered main street. I felt like a little kid.

You cant tell in this picture but it was EXTREMELY hot and humid that day. We were dying of heat but I was too happy to care.

While we were eating, it started storming soooo hard outside. It looked and sounded like a movie. I never heard thunder that loudly before, It scared the daylights out of us. The only thing Zach's grandpa said to bring was some rain panchos but it was so hot and sunny we didnt think we needed them.

The rain stopped and it actually felt good to walk around and it driven people away so waiting in line wasn't bad at all.

It was such a great time, I always cherish every visit.

In Florida, we went to Mt.Dora's canal for an awesome boat ride. We saw tons of birds, turtles and a gator. It was such a beautiful place. We had a great time and our tour guide was really nice.

Again, it was extremely hot and humid in Florida. I was not pleased but enjoyed the scenery.

During the last days there, we chilled out on his grandpa's deck and drove around on his wave runners. We had difficulties with them at first but we did get a few rides out of them.

We had a lot of fun once we got back to NY, hitting the city, visiting Zach's relatives and having great dinners but it was time to head back home. I miss Zach immensely but I know we'll have fun next time we meet.

Check out all the wonderful gifts I accumulated while I was there!

Zach won this cute Hello Kitty back pack at his local Ben and Jerry's and surprised me with it when he came to visit. Its adorable and has a little pink pancho.

We stopped by a mall in Florida and they had a store selling Hello Kitty merch, I used to have a HK store right by my house in California, seeing this stuff really reminds me of my childhood but my favorite is Pochacco, I think its because he wore purple but he was always my fav. The cute little plush and pin are new.

Look what I found at the Zoo! A little sugar glider keychain! And a cool calavera sticker from the Florida mall.

We looked every where for a sloth item at the zoo's gift shop but couldn't find a thing. Then Zach stumbled upon an animal toy set with this guy! I now have a new pencil holder *my tablet pen wouldnt fit, sadly*

I also have a little side collection of Stitch and found a few additions at Disney! :D

Remember this? Zach's mom's old toy that he gave me? Well, during a visit to a flea market we found this! I can't believe we found my little deers baby!

What are the odds?! Having the mom on one side of the country only to find the baby on the other. I wish I knew what company made these. I have a feeling theres another baby out there.

I also got a bunch of these but more on em' later. As I intend to draw some. C:

Zach and I did some sculpting over at his place. Finished shots are in the works.

And that was our trip, I didn't want to make this post TOO long but I think I failed. If you'd like to read more about our escapades be sure to visit Zach's Blog for his Trip post. There will be tons of different stories and photos to view!

Thanks for reading and hello to my new watchers!
Now that I'm FINALLY back, settling at home and organizing my work space, I should be active around these parts. Its good to be back!

OH! One more thing, there was a package waiting for me when I came home!