Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Smoking the Souls of the Damned & A Scourchin'Tiger Fan

Hey all! No I'm not dead and yes, there will be a time where I will update art frequently again. I know, I'm just as tired of all these apology posts as you are. I'm still currently saving moolah by doing commission work, plush work and random jobs I can get my hands on. I'm saving up for a very special surprise that I'll be sure to announce sometime in January. Don't worry, its a biggin' and everything will make sense for my current absence. Patience.

Anyway here are two traditional drawings I've done this month to hold you over:

Just a quick marker piece to get me warmed up, its been awhile since I've actually drawn something for myself. I'm a little rusty.

This piece is based off the sad tigers at the Zoo we visited this Summer, they looked so miserable, laying there in a big pile under the shade, trying their hardest to avoid the sun. They need some fans to cool them off.

I'll probably sell this.


A marker drawing for my beloved (Z)achula Monster <3 Who I hope feels better from the flu.

He's been helping me through such a tough time lately.
This is his character Darwin, who I haven't drawn since we started dating. *Bad Tara, bad* I wanted to draw him more devilish and made his Mohawk a bit droopy due to lack of space. He's just chilling, smoking some souls of the damned. Because ya know, who doesn't do that?

Thanks for being there for me when I need it most. :3

More soon.