Thursday, December 9, 2010


WHEE! I have no time for color!
Have a sketch my purple blog, you deserve a new post.

This is Margot, she was supposed to be a recurring character in my Dr. Scoops comic. I've drawn her multiple times in the past but been dying to redesign her as a young child rather than a teenager. She is a very odd girl, who hates to match her outfits, she also loves strawberries. :D

I plan to redesign all my existing characters when I have the time, this is just a sketch I scanned and added some tones.

So yeah, I'll be heading out to New York to visit Zach again this holiday! So you might see some coverage of our festivities which MIGHT include art. Again, I'll get back on track with my personal work and this blog as soon as the new year comes around. Theres a good reason for my absence! I promise!

More soon!



Nico said...

Awww, she's too cute! I LOVE the name Margot (as you might have guessed since one of my characters is also named that), so I can totally RE-L8!

Have a wonderful holiday, Tara!! <3

aintshakespeare said...

Very cute.

Nicky J said...

Aha! Colour is overrated.

This picture, however, is not!

Sean Worsham said...

like x1000

Karl said...

I wish I had a floppy strawberry hat