Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween!

A little Halloween gift for Zach.
I drew this a while ago to put in his Halloween box of goodies this year.

He's really into vintage 1920's Halloween, so I thought I'd do my take on it. :> Be sure to check out his Kandy Coated Kackles Halloween Volume collection of spooky tracks. :>

This was drawn with prismas and ink brush, the cardboard its drawn on came with a shirt I bought off ebay. XD Pretty good canvas in my opinion.

And here's my Halloween costume for this year!


And good ol' black and white.

I used FX concealer and glue to cover my eyebrows, though I wish I had pierced ears so I could of worn her trademark hoop earrings.

Happy Halloween!


Monday, October 3, 2011

-Corazón De Los Muertos-

My piece for the "THE ICONOCLASTIC DEAD" Art Show over at Mexico City! The art gallery is taking place at Guru. I decided to do Frida Kahlo in the dia de los muertos style. It is done traditionally with prisma colored markers, ink and gel pen. My piece is up for sale if any one is interested.

More details:

Gurú Tienda Galería
Colima 143, LA ROMA
Mexico City, Mexico

It starts October 2nd-November 2nd Please be sure to stop by and check out the amazing work!

Here's a video of them setting up the show! Try to spot out my piece! Don't blink you'll miss it!


Friday, June 24, 2011

Ham Ba Ga Art Show!

This is my piece for the "Ham Ba Ga" art show over at " Q POP.". When I think of burgers, I think of 1950's diners, checkers and old advertisements you'd see on the walls where people look so gosh darn happy to have one.

Material used: Prisma markers, brush pen, gel pen, colored pencils.

This will be up for sale at the event!

Celebrate the Hamburger lifestyle with art, food and music!
Opening reception June 25, 2011 7PM-11 PM

128 Astronaut E S Onizuka St
Los Angeles CA 90012

Group art show featuring new work from over 30 artists! Please stop by!

More soon!

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Turtle Powah!

Here is my piece for the "Shell-Shock" A TMNT Art Show for The Autumn Society! It is called "Sewer Press Review" and is based on this playset!

I had the pleasure to get my older brothers hand-me-downs as a kid and the Turtle van was one of them. *Along with a ton of these figures* The colors were really fun to play with! And I looooove Master Splinter. :D

Be sure to head to the release next Friday! My piece will be up for sale, if anyone is interested. ;3 Here's the deets!

Time:Friday, June 3 · 6:00pm - 9:00pm
45 N. 2nd Street
Philadelphia, PA

More Soon!


Saturday, April 16, 2011

It's Zach Day!

Or it was yesterday...

Here is Zach's bday drawing from me! Or at least one of them. I drew his ghoulish stars for his final year thesis! "Blenderstein". Done in prismas and gel pen. His birthday was also the same day as his thesis deadline! He's been hard at work for months getting it done. And let me tell ya, it shows. I couldn't be more proud of him!

And here's a screenshot from the film!
I had the pleasure to voice Sydney, "the victim" of the flick as well as doing the backgrounds and some color work. I'll post some up later when I get the a-okay from Zach first. ;3

Happy Birthday Zach, get tons of rest. You earned it. <3


Tuesday, April 5, 2011


Bloggerland, why you so dusty? *Brushes off* SO. Hi. I've been having loads of fun lately and my computer has been fixed!!! All I gotta do is get everything back on it! I'm so relieved and excited to start using it again. While I take care of that here's something I've done awhile ago.

I've always wanted to do a tribute for Totoro because its been my favorite Miyazaki movie. I just adore this movie, I love its storytelling, charm and imagination. Its very simple compared to his newer flicks but I love that about it. I can never get tired of watching this movie, if you decide to see it be sure to watch the older 90s dub, not the Dakota Fanning one. The voice acting in the older one can't be beat!

Since I cherish these characters so much I draw them a lot since I'm never pleased with the way I draw them, I'm compiling a bunch of warm up sketches I've done of Totoro and I'll be sure to put them up once I re-install my scanner.

More sooOoOoOoon~

Monday, March 14, 2011

Catching Up!

Hey, bloggerland!
I've finally settled in and I'm enjoying everyday life here in Burbank, California. Its been great hanging out with my roommates, hanging out with old friends and meeting some new friends. I've also been loving the shops and merch around the area. My wallet is suffering big time from this shift. There's just TOO much awesome stuff out here. Speaking of awesome, I got this little gem during my time here so far.

He is an old version 1950's dream pet that I've been dying to get my hands on. And I have to say, he's my favorite. Mine came in such excellent condition and even has the tag. His name is "Las Vegas Al". Just look at those ears!

I can finally catch up with a bit of art here and there and decided to have my first drawing here in Cali be of him since his new home has been on top of my drawing desk.

So yeah...things have been pretty fantastic. My roommates are amazing, just look how they welcomed me into their "cult" with such pretty pretty art!

Nico's version of us! We are such a great looking bunch. Even Steven with boys and girls. Jack can look through your soul with those big ol' eyes.

And here's Jack's awesome portrait. This looks like an album cover don't it? So awesome! I love how everyone in the house has their own distinct style. I have a feeling I'll be drawing this group a looooot. :D

~More soon!

Monday, February 14, 2011

Kicking it in 2011!!!!

So why is Margot jumping for joy in a lush river of Strawberries? :O
Why haven't I been posting my art as often as I used to?
Why don't I just spill it already?!


Yeeeeees, I'm moving to the wonderful hill side known as Burbank,California. The cat is finally out of the bag. I've been saving up for this trip for almost a year. It was a crucial experience of work, side jobs and back pains but I've finally accumulated enough to head on out! Working to save up has really affected my time online and my art. Drastically. I've never worked as hard in my life as I did last year.

All I know is, this year away from my art has really taught me a lot of things I'll need to know for the future. I feel so accomplished to have sacrificed my art so that it can shine later down the line. It will all be worth it.

Right now, I'm so exhilarated with so many emotions: nervousness, sadness and of course excitement. This is the life change I needed for awhile now, things will be different but I'm excited for the new.

Now that I'm done saving, I plan to work day and night on my art and update frequently.

I can NOT contain my joy to meet new people, reunite with old friends, have amazing adventures with my new room mates and just have an amazing experience in my new home.

I'm ready Cali! Bring it!
*Boots up Resume*

Speaking of my new home......

What do all these characters have in common?
Hint:Their creators all live together!

I'm sure I'll make a post showcasing my glorious road-trip adventure to Burbank!

Catch a later!
*Starts engine*