Monday, February 14, 2011

Kicking it in 2011!!!!

So why is Margot jumping for joy in a lush river of Strawberries? :O
Why haven't I been posting my art as often as I used to?
Why don't I just spill it already?!


Yeeeeees, I'm moving to the wonderful hill side known as Burbank,California. The cat is finally out of the bag. I've been saving up for this trip for almost a year. It was a crucial experience of work, side jobs and back pains but I've finally accumulated enough to head on out! Working to save up has really affected my time online and my art. Drastically. I've never worked as hard in my life as I did last year.

All I know is, this year away from my art has really taught me a lot of things I'll need to know for the future. I feel so accomplished to have sacrificed my art so that it can shine later down the line. It will all be worth it.

Right now, I'm so exhilarated with so many emotions: nervousness, sadness and of course excitement. This is the life change I needed for awhile now, things will be different but I'm excited for the new.

Now that I'm done saving, I plan to work day and night on my art and update frequently.

I can NOT contain my joy to meet new people, reunite with old friends, have amazing adventures with my new room mates and just have an amazing experience in my new home.

I'm ready Cali! Bring it!
*Boots up Resume*

Speaking of my new home......

What do all these characters have in common?
Hint:Their creators all live together!

I'm sure I'll make a post showcasing my glorious road-trip adventure to Burbank!

Catch a later!
*Starts engine*