Monday, March 14, 2011

Catching Up!

Hey, bloggerland!
I've finally settled in and I'm enjoying everyday life here in Burbank, California. Its been great hanging out with my roommates, hanging out with old friends and meeting some new friends. I've also been loving the shops and merch around the area. My wallet is suffering big time from this shift. There's just TOO much awesome stuff out here. Speaking of awesome, I got this little gem during my time here so far.

He is an old version 1950's dream pet that I've been dying to get my hands on. And I have to say, he's my favorite. Mine came in such excellent condition and even has the tag. His name is "Las Vegas Al". Just look at those ears!

I can finally catch up with a bit of art here and there and decided to have my first drawing here in Cali be of him since his new home has been on top of my drawing desk.

So yeah...things have been pretty fantastic. My roommates are amazing, just look how they welcomed me into their "cult" with such pretty pretty art!

Nico's version of us! We are such a great looking bunch. Even Steven with boys and girls. Jack can look through your soul with those big ol' eyes.

And here's Jack's awesome portrait. This looks like an album cover don't it? So awesome! I love how everyone in the house has their own distinct style. I have a feeling I'll be drawing this group a looooot. :D

~More soon!