Tuesday, April 5, 2011


Bloggerland, why you so dusty? *Brushes off* SO. Hi. I've been having loads of fun lately and my computer has been fixed!!! All I gotta do is get everything back on it! I'm so relieved and excited to start using it again. While I take care of that here's something I've done awhile ago.

I've always wanted to do a tribute for Totoro because its been my favorite Miyazaki movie. I just adore this movie, I love its storytelling, charm and imagination. Its very simple compared to his newer flicks but I love that about it. I can never get tired of watching this movie, if you decide to see it be sure to watch the older 90s dub, not the Dakota Fanning one. The voice acting in the older one can't be beat!

Since I cherish these characters so much I draw them a lot since I'm never pleased with the way I draw them, I'm compiling a bunch of warm up sketches I've done of Totoro and I'll be sure to put them up once I re-install my scanner.

More sooOoOoOoon~


Malcolm said...

I also grew up on the "Fox" dub. I really aught to see it again. Great Job, Tara. You really did the characters a lot of justice. :D Can't wait to see more.

Kali Fontecchio said...

Very cute! I love this movie too!

Nico said...

so CUTE! well done!!

Nick! said...

The layout of this piece is really something special! I'm still waiting impatiently for Netflix Canada to get off it's butt and add the Miyazaki movies, so I can finally see what all the hubub is about!

Mukpuddy said...