Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween!

A little Halloween gift for Zach.
I drew this a while ago to put in his Halloween box of goodies this year.

He's really into vintage 1920's Halloween, so I thought I'd do my take on it. :> Be sure to check out his Kandy Coated Kackles Halloween Volume collection of spooky tracks. :>

This was drawn with prismas and ink brush, the cardboard its drawn on came with a shirt I bought off ebay. XD Pretty good canvas in my opinion.

And here's my Halloween costume for this year!


And good ol' black and white.

I used FX concealer and glue to cover my eyebrows, though I wish I had pierced ears so I could of worn her trademark hoop earrings.

Happy Halloween!



Drew Rausch said...

Dawwwww... you guys KILL me.
Happy ' ween!

Salomon Fenix said...

Looks great as Betty Boop, tara.