Monday, July 9, 2012

Comic Con+ Official Purple Peep Bits Plush!

Hey everyone! I'm not dead, I'm quite the opposite! All this hiatus from blogger and lack of art can be explained. Besides Disney TVA keeping me busy, I'm also in the works of publishing an art book. So I've been drawing, its just most of it was a secret. ;3

And now that Comic Con is this week I can finally announce some future events and goodies! 

First off, I'll be at Comic Con this year for the whole week, though I won't have a booth. I'll be walking around and selling THESE.

Introducing my brand spankin' new Official  Purple Peep Bits Plush!

These are officially for my Solo Art Show I'm having in the Fall but I'll be selling a limited amount exclusively at Comic Con! This will be the only place to get them before my show! They'll be put up for online sale AFTER my show in the Fall. So look for a spiky red headed girl to get yours! Some will be sold at two different booths but more info and booth numbers when its set in stone. 

(Here are photos of the prototype versions of the plush. The officials have more embroidery and include hang and tush tags. They will get to me the day before the con but I wanted to show you pictures before then.)



Each plush will be $20 and are very limited. I might run out during the event but they'll be officially released in the Fall. So if you miss out or can't find me, you can buy them later this year!

I'll also do a couple giveaways later down the line as well.

Hope to see you there! And more info and details very soon!

Much love.